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    Aglex is a support tool for building serverless web applications using Amazon API Gateway, AWS Lambda and Express.

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    No more new frameworks for Lambda + API Gateway!

    Express is the most famous web framework for Node.js. Now you can use the same way to develop your API Gateway-Lambda web app.

    UPDATE: now 2.x uses aws-serverless-express and new config yaml.


    Global install

    $ npm install aglex -g

    or install and add to current package.

    $ npm install aglex --save-dev


    Aglex is not a web framework, just a small CLI tool which provides following features.

    • Generate a small lambda handler code
    • Create, update lambda function
    • Add execute-api permission to the function
    • Create, update and deploy API

    Quick start

    1. Start your app with express-generator.
    $ npm install express-generator -g
    $ express myapp
    cd myapp && npm install
    1. Modify routes/users.js to respond JSON data.
    @@ -3,7 +3,7 @@ 
     /* GET users listing. */
     router.get('/', function(req, res, next) {
    -  res.send('respond with a resource');
    +  res.json({message: 'respond with a resource'});
     module.exports = router;
    1. Generate config yaml
    $ aglex generate config > aglex.yml

    Edit it to match your environment.

    @@ -18,14 +18,14 @@ 
       Runtime: nodejs4.3
       MemorySize: 128
       Timeout: 60
    -  RoleName: YOUR_LAMBDA_EXECUTION_ROLE # Role ARN will generate from RoleName automatically
    +  FunctionName: myapp
    +  Description: myapp
    +  RoleName: lambda-myapp # Role ARN will generate from RoleName automatically
     ## API Gateway configuration
       swagger: 2.0
    -    title: YOUR_API_NAME
    -    description: YOUR_API_DESCRIPTION
    +    title: myapp
    +    description: myapp
       basePath: /prod
         - https
    1. Generate lambda handler code and install aws-serverless-express
    $ aglex generate lambda-handler > lambda.js
    $ npm install -S aws-serverless-express
    1. Create lambda zip
    $ zip -r app.js lambda.js routes views node_modules

    Use Gulp/Grunt if you want to do more tasks.

    1. Create/update your lambda function
    $ aglex --config aglex.yml lambda update --zip

    Create IAM Role for Lambda function lambda-myapp before execution.

    1. Add execute permission to your lambda function (first time only)
    $ aglex --config aglex.yml lambda add-permission
    1. Create/update API
    $ aglex --config aglex.yml apigateway update
    1. Create stage and deploy API
    $ aglex --config aglex.yml apigateway deploy --stage dev

    For more information, please see wiki docs.

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