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agikit is a developer toolchain for Sierra's AGI (Adventure Game Interpreter) engine. AGI was used in the 1980s to develop adventure games including King's Quest I, II, and III, Space Quest I and II, and more. Later, it was reverse engineered by fans and used to develop many fan-made games. A lot more information about AGI is available at the AGI Programmers Wiki.


agikit aims to provide:

  • A composable, extensible, cross-platform set of tools for working with AGI
  • Compatibility with other tools, such as WinAGI and AGI Studio
  • A platform to build other tooling, such as text editor extensions, language servers, etc.
  • A modern compiler architecture that allows for language extensions and optimization


To install it:

npm install -g agikit

To extract an AGI game to source files:

agikit extract path/to/game output/path

To build AGI game volume files from extracted source files:

agikit build path/to/source/files output/path

(Note that as of version 0.1.0, agikit doesn't yet build OBJECT or WORDS.TOK files; if you want to run a game built this way, you'll need to copy those from the original game.)

To auto-format a LOGIC script:

agikit formatLogic path/to/scriptfile.agilogic

Current status

agikit is very, very early stage right now. As of this writing (version 0.1.0), it's only been tested against the MS-DOS version of King's Quest I (2.0F). The extracted and rebuilt game seems to run fine under ScummVM.

Known limitations:

  • Only supports AGI version 2 for now
  • Compiled LOGIC code can't necessarily be decoded by AGI Studio, because the compiler doesn't (yet) guarantee that all blocks fully contain their child blocks
    • This might be more of a limitation of AGI Studio's decompiler
  • Doesn't fully support the LOGIC syntax in the standard:
    • Doesn't yet understand operators such as ==, <, >, +=, etc
    • #define (and therefore named variables) isn't yet supported
    • Probably other stuff
  • Doesn't decode or compile OBJECT files yet
  • Doesn't compile WORDS.TOK yet




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