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Client for asterisk AGI protocol. Parses incomming messages into events. Dispatches AGI commands and their responses from asterisk. Most commonly used as a low level client for a fAGI server.

note: still a work in progress


npm install agi



Returns a new net.Server instance. The listener will be called on a new agi connection with a single Context object as described below.

require('agi').createServer(function(context) {
  //context is a new instance of agi.Context for each new agi session 
  //immedately after asterisk connects to the node process 
  context.on('variables', function(vars) {
    console.log('received new call from: ' + vars.agi_callerid + ' with uniqueid: ' + vars.agi_uniqueid);

new agi.Context(stream)

Constructor to create a new instance of a context. Supply a readable and writable stream to the constructor. Commonly stream will be a net.Socket instance.

context.exec(command, [args], [callback])

Dispatches the EXEC AGI command to asterisk with supplied command name and arguments. callback is called with the result of the dispatch.

context.exec('ANSWER', function(err, res) {
  //the channel is now answered 
context.exec('RecieveFax', '/tmp/myfax.tif', function(err, res) {
  //fax has been recieved by asterisk and written to /tmp/myfax.tif 


Dispatches the 'HANGUP' AGI command to asterisk. Does not close the sockets automatically. callback is called with the result of the dispatch.

context.hangup(function(err, res) {
  //the channel has now been hungup.