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Agenda UI

A UI to view Agenda jobs.

Agenda UI Screenshot


npm install --save agenda-ui


The Agenda UI is middleware you can mount at a path in your express app.

var express = require('express');
var Agenda = require('agenda');
var agendaUI = require('agenda-ui');
var app = express();
var agenda = new Agenda(...)
app.use('/agenda-ui', agendaUI(agenda, {poll: 1000}));


agendaUI(agendaInstance, options)

The first argument is the agenda instance. The second is an options object. Currently the only options is poll. This sets the interval the app polls for chnages. It can also be set to false to not poll at all.

Todo and Ideas

  • pagination
  • more human friendly countdown time format
  • a way to view a specific job (i.e. /jobs/:jobId)
  • run/cancel job
  • tests


This is an Ember app that gets built on prepublish.

To build the app, you will need Bower installed globally (npm install bower -g). After Bower is available, run npm install and then bower install in the app/ directory.

To run the application locally with sample jobs, run npm run dev and ember serve in the /app directory, then visit http://localhost:3022/.