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Age Cache

A simple string map with a time to live. Similar to the maxAge setting in lru-cache except getting a key does not update it's time to live. Keys are not proactivly removed but only on calls to get or has.


new Cache(ttl, [strict = false])

Constructor, takes 2 arguments

  • ttl: time to live in milliseconds, mandatory
  • strict: whether it should be in strict mode which causes gets and deletes of non existent keys to throw, default is false.

cache.set(key, value)

Set the key to the specified value overwriting it if it already exists


Return the value with the specified key, if the key is not found then it will return undefined or in strict mode throw an error. The key will be deleted if it has expired.


Returns true if the key exists, false otherwise, if the key is expired it will be deleted and this method will return false.


Remove the key from the cache. If the key exists returns true, if it does it returns false or, in strict mode, throws an error.


var Cache = require('age-cache');
var cache = new Cache(1000); // one second 
cache.set('foo', 'bar');
cache.get('foo'); // bar 
cache.has('foo'); // true 
cache.has('bar'); // false 
setTimeout(function () {
  cache.get('foo'); // undefined 
  cache.has('foo'); // false 
}, 1001)