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    Originally forked from After Effects, but is now mostly a complete rewrite.

    Currently this is experimental. Expect all updates will likely break things.

    Notable Features plus Differences between original fork

    • Same Features
      • Send a JS Function from Node environment and execute within After Effects process
      • Transforms ES6 into ES3 for compatibility in After Effects JS environment
    • Differences
      • Support some additinoal ES6
      • Improved ability to send and receive JSON objects between Node and After Effects
      • Ability to turn After Effects objects into JSON
      • Error reporting back to the Node process with line # and line text of the source of error
      • Logger called by invoking
        • Logger automatically converts After Script objects into JSON that can be logged
        • Logging occurrs to a log file as well as to the Node console
      • All files generated in current working directory for easier debugging
        • All files persist after script execution for easier debugging
        • Generated JS file can be run in After Effects debugger environment as well to assist with debugging
      • Automatically adds undo group around executing script
      • Only supporting Windows ( the only environment I have to develop and test )
      • Much simplified API
        • I'm building and supporting only what I'm using at the moment, much of the original API was removed.
        • Automatically scales all clips added to layer to match the composition size

    Future considerations

    • Convert library to TypeScript

    Sample Usage

    This script will do the following

    • Import all .mp4 files from a directory
    • Add all imported files to a composition
    • Layout all clips with overlapping 2 seconds
    • Return back to the Node process all of the video clip end times between clips
    const makeAfterEffectsInterface = require('./index.js').makeAfterEffectsInterface
    // These options will be passed to the after effects process and our function will receive them as a paramter to the function
    const options = {
        "assetFolder": "C:\\development\\projects\\snackbar\\output",
        "compositionMain": {
            "name": "render main",
            "layerOverlapSeconds": 2,
            "videoLengthLimitSeconds": 120
    const aeInterface = makeAfterEffectsInterface({afterEffectsPath: 'C:\\Program Files\\Adobe\\Adobe After Effects CC 2019'})
    const result = aeInterface.executeFunctionInAfterEffects(optionsFromNode => {'begin after effects script execution')
        const {options} = optionsFromNode
        const assetsInterface = makeAssetsInterface(app.project)
        const projectInterface = makeProjectInterface(app.project)
        const layersInterface = makeLayersInterface(assetsInterface.findByName(
        const importedAssets = projectInterface.importAssets(options.assetFolder, '*.mp4')
        const videoEndTimes = []
    'creating layers')
        layersInterface.addAll(importedAssets, options.compositionMain.layerOverlapSeconds, (layer, previousLayer) => {
  '  adding layer: ' +
            if (previousLayer) {
                // make a list of the transition times to be used later
            if (layer.outPoint > options.compositionMain.videoLengthLimitSeconds) return true // don't add anymore beyond time limit
    'After Effects finished processing script')
        return videoEndTimes
    }, {options});
    // log list of video clip end times
    console.dir(result, {depth: null})



    npm i after-effects-node

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