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Orbit controls for A-Frame.

Automatically toggles look-controls on and off when entering and exiting VR.

Great for using as a viewer, better and easier than using WASD + mouse-drag, or being stuck in the same position on mobile.

The other A-Frame orbit controls components were weird since they fully ported the THREE.OrbitControls logic into a component. This component just straight up uses THREE.OrbitControls in a clean and performant way.


Same API as THREE.OrbitControls, supports all the properties.

Property Description Default Value
autoRotate Set to true to automatically rotate around the target. false
autoRotateSpeed How fast to rotate around the target. 2 (30 seconds per rotation at 60fps)
cursor The focus point of the minTargetRadius and maxTargetRadius limits. It can be updated manually at any point to change the center of interest for the target. 0 0 0
dampingFactor Damping inertia if enableDamping. 0.1
enabled Whether enabled. You can also call .pause() on the entity. true
enableDamping Set to true to enable damping (inertia), which can be used to give a sense of weight to the controls. true
enablePan Enable panning (i.e., right click drag or three finger drag). true
enableRotate Enable rotation (i.e., left click drag or single finger drag). Use Azimuth angles to constrain to single axis. true
enableZoom Enable zoom (i.e., scroll or pinch). true
initialPosition Initial position of the camera. Set this rather than position. 0 0 0
keyPanSpeed How fast to pan the camera when the keyboard is used. Default is 7.0 pixels per keypress. 7 (pixels per keypress)
minAzimuthAngle How far you can orbit horizontally, lower limit. From -180 to 180 degrees. Infinity (no limit)
maxAzimuthAngle How far you can orbit horizontally, upper limit. From -180 to 180 degrees. Infinity (no limit)
maxDistance How far you can dolly out. Infinity
maxPolarAngle How far you can orbit vertically, upper limit. Range is 0 to 180 degrees. 90
minDistance How far you can dolly in. 0
minPolarAngle How far you can orbit vertically, lower limit. Range is 0 to 180 degrees. 0
minTargetRadius How close you can get the target to the 3D cursor. 0
maxTargetRadius How far you can move the target from the 3D cursor. Infinity (no limit)
minZoom How far you can zoom in (OrthographicCamera only). 0
maxZoom How far you can zoom out (OrthographicCamera only). Infinity (no limit)
panSpeed Speed of panning. 1
rotateSpeed Speed of rotation. 1
screenSpacePanning Defines how the camera's position is translated when panning. If true, the camera pans in screen space. Otherwise, the camera pans in the plane orthogonal to the camera's up direction. false
target Focus point of controls. look-at vector. 0 0 0
zoomSpeed Speed of zooming / dollying. 1
zoomToCursor Setting this property to true allows to zoom to the cursor's position. false



Install and use by directly including the browser files:

  <title>My A-Frame Scene</title>
  <script src=""></script>
  <script src=""></script>
  <script src=""></script>

  <a-scene environment="preset: forest">
    <a-torus-knot position="0 2 0"></a-torus-knot>
    <a-entity camera look-controls="enabled: false" orbit-controls="target: 0 2 0; minDistance: 2; maxDistance: 180; initialPosition: 0 3 5; rotateSpeed: 0.5"></a-entity>


Install via npm:

npm install aframe-orbit-controls

Then require and use.


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