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A timeline component for A-Frame to use with the animation component for declaratively defining and orchestrating timelines of animations. The animation timeline component depends on the animation component. Make sure to include that.

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Latest version requires A-Frame v0.8.0.


<a-scene animation-timeline__1="timeline: #myTimeline; loop: true">
  <a-assets timeout="10000">
    <a-asset-item src="https://cdn.aframe.io/fonts/Roboto-msdf.json"></a-asset-item>
    <a-timeline id="myTimeline">
      <a-timeline-animation select="#text1" name="togglevisible"></a-timeline-animation>
      <a-timeline-animation select="#text1" name="fadein"></a-timeline-animation>
      <a-timeline-animation select="#text1" name="fadeout"></a-timeline-animation>
      <a-timeline-animation select="#text1" name="togglevisibleoff"></a-timeline-animation>
        <a-timeline-animation select="a-entity[mixin~=box]" name="fadein"></a-timeline-animation>
        <a-timeline-animation select="a-entity[mixin~=box]" name="scale"></a-timeline-animation>
        <a-timeline-animation select="a-entity[mixin~=box]" name="color"></a-timeline-animation>
        <a-timeline-animation select="#text2" name="togglevisible"></a-timeline-animation>
        <a-timeline-animation select="#text2" name="fadein"></a-timeline-animation>
        <a-timeline-animation select="#text2" name="textcolor"></a-timeline-animation>
      <a-timeline-animation select="#text2" name="fadeout"></a-timeline-animation>
      <a-timeline-animation select="#text2" name="togglevisibleoff"></a-timeline-animation>
      <a-timeline-animation select="#text3" name="togglevisible"></a-timeline-animation>
        <a-timeline-animation select="a-entity[mixin~=box]" name="color"></a-timeline-animation>
        <a-timeline-animation select="a-entity[mixin~=box]" name="rotate"></a-timeline-animation>
        <a-timeline-animation select="a-entity[mixin~=box]" name="position"></a-timeline-animation>
        <a-timeline-animation select="#text3" name="fadein"></a-timeline-animation>
        <a-timeline-animation select="#text3" name="positionin"></a-timeline-animation>
      <a-timeline-animation select="#text3" name="positionout"></a-timeline-animation>
      <a-timeline-animation select="#text3" name="togglevisibleoff"></a-timeline-animation>
      <a-timeline-animation select="#text4" name="togglevisible"></a-timeline-animation>
        <a-timeline-animation select="#sky" name="color"></a-timeline-animation>
        <a-timeline-animation select="#text4" name="fadein"></a-timeline-animation>
      <a-timeline-animation select="#text4" name="fadeout" offset="500"></a-timeline-animation>
    <a-mixin id="box"
      geometry="primitive: box"
      material="color: #AAA; opacity: 0"
      animation__fadein="property: material.opacity; dur: 2000; from: 0; to: 1; autoplay: false"
      animation__scale="property: scale; to: 2 20 2; dur: 2000; easing: easeInOutElastic; autoplay: false"
      animation__position="property: position; to: 0 30 -3; dur: 2000; autoplay: false"
      animation__color="property: material.color; from: #AAA; to: #222; dur: 2500; autoplay: false"
      animation__rotate="property: rotation; to: 0 360; dur: 1000; easing: easeInQuad; autoplay: false"
      scale="0.0001 0.0001 0.0001"
    <a-mixin id="text"
      text="align: center; color: #333; width: 6; opacity: 0"
      animation__fadein="property: text.opacity; from: 0; to: 1; dur: 3000; easing: linear; autoplay: false"
      animation__fadeout="property: text.opacity; from: 1; to: 0; dur: 3000; easing: linear; autoplay: false"
      animation__togglevisible="property: visible; from: false; to: true; dur: 1; autoplay: false"
      animation__togglevisibleoff="property: visible; from: true; to: false; dur: 1; autoplay: false"
      position="0 2 -3"
  <a-entity id="text1" mixin="text" text="value: Is this real life?"></a-entity>
  <a-entity id="text2" mixin="text" text="value: Is this just fantasy?; opacity: 0"
            animation__textcolor="property: text.color; from: #FAFAFA; to: #8C200E; dur: 2500; autoplay: false"></a-entity>
  <a-entity id="text3" mixin="text" text="value: Caught in a landslide." position="0 -10 0"
            animation__positionin="property: position; to: 0 2 -3; dur: 2500; autoplay: false"
            animation__positionout="property: position; from: 0 2 -3; to: -10 2 -3; dur: 3500; autoplay: false"></a-entity>
  <a-entity id="text4" mixin="text" text="value: No escape from reality."></a-entity>
  <a-entity position="0 -0.5 -10">
    <a-entity id="box1" mixin="box" position="-4 0 0"></a-entity>
    <a-entity mixin="box"></a-entity>
    <a-entity mixin="box" position="4 0 0"></a-entity>
  <a-sky id="sky" color="#FAFAFA" animation__color="property: material.color; from: #FAFAFA; to: #111; dur: 2000; autoplay: false"></a-sky>



The timeline component provides <a-timeline>, <a-timeline-group>, and <a-timeline-animation> to declaratively define the animation timeline.

<a-timeline id>

Container element. Note <a-timeline> is just a data container. It is not an entity, primitive, nor does it do anything on its own. It's meant to be selected like <a-entity animation-timeline="timeline: #myTimeline">. Animation and animation groups under <a-timeline> play sequentially in order, one after another once the previous animation or animation group is finished..

Attribute Description
id Should be specified in order to select it from the animation-timeline component.

<a-timeline-animation select name offset>

<a-timeline-animation> is used to add animations to the timeline via reference, either directly under <a-timeline> or under <a-timeline-group>.

Note that <a-timeline-animation> does not define the actual animation parameters. Animations are defined using the animation component on the entity or entities. <a-timeline-animation> merely points to them and adds their animation configurations to the timeline object.

Make sure autoplay: false is set on all timelined animations, and I recommend specifying from on each on of those animations. The timeline will not attempt to grab from values dynamically.

Attribute Description
select Selector to entity or entities to animate (e.g., .boxes or #sphere).
name ID of the animation component instance defined on the entity or entities. If the entity has an animation component animation__fadein="property: material.opacity then we would set name="fadein".
offset Optional additional time offset in milliseconds to wait for the previous animation in the timeline to finish.

<a-timeline-group [offset]>

<a-timeline-group> groups together <a-timeline-animation>s that we want to start at the same time. Only once every animation in the group finishes will the timeline move onto the next animation or animation group.

Attribute Description
offset Optional additional time offset in milliseconds to wait for the previous animation in the timeline to finish.


Pairing with the <a-timeline> container is the animation-timeline component. It doesn't really matter which entity (or on <a-scene>) the animation-timeline component is set on since it doesn't operate on any single entity.

Property Description Default Value
timeline Selector to <a-timeline> element. ''
direction Direction of animation (normal, reverse, alternate). normal
loop Number of times to loop. Set true to loop infinitely. 0
startEvents Comma-separated list of events to wait that will trigger the timeline animation. If not specified, the animation will autoplay. ''


Event Description
animationtimelinecomplete Emitted when animation timeline is complete. Event detail contains animation name (__<ID>). Not emitted if loop: true.



Install and use by directly including the browser files:

  <title>My A-Frame Scene</title>
  <script src="https://aframe.io/releases/0.9.0/aframe.min.js"></script> 
  <script src="https://unpkg.com/aframe-animation-component@^4.1.1/dist/aframe-animation-timeline-component.min.js"></script> 
  <script src="https://unpkg.com/aframe-animation-timeline-component@1.6.0/dist/aframe-animation-timeline-component.min.js"></script> 
  <a-scene animation-timeline__1="timeline: #myTimeline">
      <a-timeline id="myTimeline">
        <a-timeline-animation select="#welcomeText" name="fadein"></a-timeline-animation>
        <a-timeline-animation select="#welcomeText" name="fadeout" offset="500"></a-timeline-animation>
          <a-timeline-animation select=".box" name="scale"></a-timeline-animation>
          <a-timeline-animation select=".sphere" name="rotate"></a-timeline-animation>
      <a-mixin id="boxScale" animation__scale="property: scale; to: 1.2 1.2 1.2; loop: true; direction: alternate; startEvents: null"></a-mixin>
      <a-mixin id="sphereRotate" animation__scale="property: rotation; to: 360 360 360; loop: true; startEvents: null"></a-mixin>
    <a-entity id="welcomeText"
              animation-timeline__fadein="property: text.opacity; from: 0; to: 1; startEvents: null"
              animation-timeline__fadeout="property: text.opacity; from: 1; to 0; startEvents: null"
              text="opacity: 0; value: Welcome to the dankest timeline."
              position="0 0 -3"></a-entity>
    <a-box class="box" mixin="boxScale" color="red" position="-2 0 0"></a-box>
    <a-box class="box" mixin="boxScale" color="red"></a-box>
    <a-box class="box" miixn="boxScale" color="red" position="2 0 0"></a-box>
    <a-sphere class="sphere" mixin="sphereScale" color="blue" opacity="0.5" position="-2 0 0"></a-sphere>
    <a-sphere class="sphere" mixin="sphereScale" color="blue" opacity="0.5"></a-sphere>
    <a-sphere class="sphere" miixn="sphereScale" color="blue" opacity="0.5" position="2 0 0"></a-sphere>


Install via npm:

npm install aframe-animation-component
npm install aframe-animation-timeline-component

Then require and use.



npm i aframe-animation-timeline-component

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