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    A component for A-Frame that allows entities to follow predefined paths.

    New in Version 1.0.0:

    The alongpath component went through a refactoring process. The entire logic of creating curves/paths has been extracted into the Curve component. This allows for more flexibility and less complexity and refocusing solely on the task of moving objects along a path.

    With this Version it is now possible to promote single path-points to be "Trigger-Points" - meaning that they will fire an event as soon as the Entity moves past these points.


    Property Description Default Value
    curve Selector to reference to the corresponding curve ''
    triggers Selector to identify the Trigger-Points that should fire the alongpath-trigger-activated-Event when the entity moves close to it. 'a-curve-point'
    triggerRadius Defines how close the entity should be to the Trigger-Point to activate it. 0.01
    dur Duration in milliseconds for the object to follow the entire path 1000
    delay Number of milliseconds to wait for the animation to begin 2000
    loop Whether or not the animation should loop false
    rotate Whether or not the Entity should adjust it's rotation while moving along the path false
    resetonplay Whether or not the Movement on the path should be reset on the play event true


    Event Description
    movingstarted The Entity is about to start moving along the path
    movingended The Entity has completed moving along the path
    alongpath-trigger-activated The Entity has activated a Trigger-Point (Fired on the corresponding 'curve-point')
    alongpath-trigger-deactivated The Entity has deactivated a Trigger-Point (Fired on the corresponding 'curve-point')


    State Description
    moveonpath The Entity currently moving along the path
    endofpath The Entity has completed moving along the path
    alongpath-active-trigger The moving entity has activated a Trigger-Point (which has now this active state)

    Usage with A-Frame Inspector

    You can use the A-Frame Inspector to manually modify the predefined paths. To do so, you can open the Inspector as usual, and start moving around the a-curve-point Entities of the curve. The path will change instantly.


    Browser Installation

    Install and use by directly including the browser files:

      <title>My A-Frame Scene</title>
      <script src=""></script> 
      <script src=""></script> 
      <script src=""></script> 
        <a-curve id="track1">
          <a-curve-point position="-2 2 -3"></a-curve-point>
          <a-curve-point position="0 1 -3"></a-curve-point>
          <a-curve-point position="2 2 -3"></a-curve-point>
        <a-box alongpath="curve: #track1"></a-box>

    NPM Installation

    Install via NPM:

    npm install aframe-alongpath-component

    Then register and use.


    Thanks to,output for the basic concept.


    npm i aframe-alongpath-component

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