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    AeroGear OAuth2 Cordova

    The plugin handles OAuth2 authorization code grant in a secure manner. The OAuth2 dance uses external browser approach, OAuth2 access and refresh tokens are stored securely encrypted in your native device. Supports iOS, android and windows phone platforms.

    The plugin wraps the following libs:

    If you want to see the plugin in action please refer to aerogear-cordova-cookbook Shoot'nShare demo app or/ad just follow the Getting started guide to create your own.

    Project Info
    License: Apache License, Version 2.0
    Build: Cordova Plugin
    Issue tracker:
    Mailing lists: aerogear-users (subscribe)
    aerogear-dev (subscribe)

    Getting Started

    The Cordova command line tooling is based on node.js so first you’ll need to install node then you can install Cordova by executing:

    $ npm install -g cordova

    To deploy on iOS you need to install the ios-deploy package as well

    $ npm install -g ios-deploy

    Create the App

    Create a new app by executing:

    $ cordova create <project-name> [app-id] [app-name]

    Add platform(s)

    Specify a set of target platforms by executing:

    $ cordova platform add <platform>

    The available platform values are ios and android.

    Install the plugin

    Install the aerogear-oauth2-cordova plugin by executing:

    $ cordova plugin add aerogear-cordova-oauth2

    Sample example

    In wwww/js/index.js file, to start the OAuth2 dance as soon as onDeviceReady event is fired, add the following snippet:

      onDeviceReady: function () {
          name: 'gplus',
          settings: {
            clientId: "",
            scopes: ''
          name: 'keycloak',
          settings: {
            base: '',
            clientId: 'shoot-third-party',
            realm: "shoot-realm"
          name: 'facebook',
          settings: {
            clientId: '1511044619160050',
            clientSecret: '3b08052d3d96e2120f2c53a36eebd02f',
            scopes: 'photo_upload, publish_actions'
          .then(function (token) {
            // add token to the http header on futher http requests:
            // 'Authorization': 'Bearer ' + token
          }, function (err) {

    Google Play Services

    On Android you can use Google Play Services to retrieve an Oauth2 token using on of the device's authorized accounts. To make the Google Play Services available to your application, be sure to add the cordova plugin to your project. Then request an Oauth2 token using Google Play Services as in this example:

            scopes: 'openid',
            accountTypes: ''
         .then( function( accessToken ){
         .catch( function( error ) {
            // an error happened

    Facebook iOS

    For our OAuth2 on iOS plugin we use external browser approach, in order to re-enter the app you need to provide a URI schema. This is called the redirect_uri. By convention Google uses your iOS bundle. Facebook uses as redirect_uri 2 letters fb followed by the client_id. As the client_id is not in your config.xml, once the project is deployed you will have to go to [project_name]-info.plist and modify it to change fbYYY where YYY is your facebook client_id.


    When you need / want to build the project with Xcode you'll need to make some changes to the project


    This is a very early version:

    • expose refreshToken, revokeToken


    For more details about the current release, please consult our documentation.


    If you would like to help develop AeroGear you can join our developer's mailing list, join #aerogear on Freenode, or shout at us on Twitter @aerogears.

    Also takes some time and skim the contributor guide


    Join our user mailing list for any questions or help! We really hope you enjoy app development with AeroGear!

    Found a bug?

    If you found a bug please create a ticket for us on Jira with some steps to reproduce it.


    npm i aerogear-cordova-oauth2

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