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ADWiki is a system to display JavaScript documentation online. Your code should be documented by JSDoc rules.


Live demo is here (you can see the source code of that file here) There is also a blog system to write articles for your project on the same site.

For example the site (code on github) uses only ADWiki


ADWiki uses nodejs as engine and DBMS MySQL The simplest way to install ADWiki is to use npm

First, create a folder for your project documentation site

$ mkdir your_project_docs
$ cd your_project_docs

Then install ADWiki

$ npm install adwiki

Make sure you are running mysql server

$ sudo service mysql start

Run a script to prepare DB and make configuration file

$ node node_modules/adwiki/install

It will be necessary to enter settings for DB connection (specified user must have permissions to create DB schemas)


You can adjust your project changing settings in your_project_docs/index.js


default: 3000

The HTTP port to server starts on.


default: "admin"

Administrator nickname. Administrator can create, edit and remove an articles on the site.


default: ""

Admin password


default: ""

It's a directory which recursive search of documented files start from


default: "About project"

The title of article which is shown on the site main page. There is a blank space because the article does not exist initially. So you should login in the site using login and password above and create that article.

default: "The project"

Project name


default: "project description"

Short project description


default: ""

Link to your project on twitter. A twitter bird appears on the site top panel if the link is specified.


default: ""

Link to your project on GitHub. It appears on the site top panel


default: ""

Copyright is in the footer of every site page.

default: ""

Author of a project.


A database connection configuration. By default there are settings you entered while the site installation

Advancing settings

ADWiki uses nodejs framework Autodafe (link to documentation) And to quick change the site appearance just edit the templates in adwiki/views folder


If you found an error or you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us at and We also can help you to organize your project documentation.

The project on twitter @node_autodafe