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    Adventure Land MMORPG test stubs and mock data for unit testing player scripts. For a linting tool, see the ESLint plugin.


    $ npm install adventure-land-test-helpers --save-dev


    All test helpers work with standard JavaScript object access syntax.

    const AdventureLandTestHelpers = require('adventure-land-test-helpers');
    const { mocks, stubs } = AdventureLandTestHelpers;
    let monster =;
    stubs.classic.is_monster(monster); // The "classic" stub will always return true.

    Alternately, stubs may be injected into the global scope to mimic the game environment.

    const AdventureLandTestHelpers = require('adventure-land-test-helpers');
    const { injectIntoScope, stubs } = AdventureLandTestHelpers;
    injectIntoScope(stubs.random, this);
    is_monster(); // The "random" stub will return true or false.


    Inject into Scope

    • Path: AdventureLandTestHelpers.injectIntoScope
    • Description: Inject functions into the desired scope, useful for creating global stubs.
    // Inject stubs into the global scope...
    const AdventureLandTestHelpers = require('adventure-land-test-helpers');
    const { injectIntoScope, stubs } = AdventureLandTestHelpers;
    injectIntoScope(stubs.random, this);
    // ...then call one of the Adventure Land game functions.

    Mock Data

    • Path:
    • Description: Mock game data that can be useful when testing scripts.
    Type Path

    Classic Stubs

    • Path: AdventureLandTestHelpers.stubs.classic
    • Description: Stubbed game runner functions that return the same value every time when called.
    Return Type Return Value
    * true
    Character, Monster, Player MockCharacter
    { string: string } { abc: 'xyz' }
    Boolean true
    Character MockCharacter
    Circle MockCircle
    ItemStats MockItemStats
    Line MockLine
    Map MockMap
    Monster MockMonster
    Number 42
    Player MockPlayer
    Socket MockSocket
    undefined undefined

    Random Stubs

    • Path: AdventureLandTestHelpers.stubs.classic
    • Description: Stubbed game runner functions that return a random possible value when called.
    Return Type Return Value
    * *
    Character, Monster, Player MockCharacter, MockMonster, MockPlayer, null, undefined
    { string: string } { abc: 'xyz' }, null, undefined
    Boolean true, false
    Character MockCharacter, null, undefined
    Circle MockCircle, null, undefined
    ItemStats MockItemStats, null, undefined
    Line MockLine, null, undefined
    Map MockMap, null, undefined
    Monster MockMonster, null, undefined
    Number [1, 1000]
    Player MockPlayer, null, undefined
    Socket MockSocket, null, undefined
    undefined undefined

    Stubbed Functions

    • Path: AdventureLandTestHelpers.stubs.classic, AdventureLandTestHelpers.stubs.random
    • Description: Stubbed game runner functions.
    Function Name Return Type
    accept_party_invite undefined
    accept_party_request undefined
    activate undefined
    add_bottom_button undefined
    add_top_button undefined
    attack undefined
    auto_reload undefined
    bank_deposit undefined
    bank_store undefined
    bank_withdraw undefined
    bfs undefined
    buy_with_gold undefined
    buy_with_shells undefined
    buy undefined
    can_attack Boolean
    can_heal Boolean
    can_move_to Boolean
    can_use Boolean
    change_server undefined
    change_target undefined
    clear_buttons undefined
    clear_drawings undefined
    code_draw undefined
    command_character undefined
    compound undefined
    continue_pathfinding undefined
    craft undefined
    cruise undefined
    destroy_item undefined
    draw_circle Circle
    draw_line Line
    equip undefined
    eval_s undefined
    exchange undefined
    game_log undefined
    get_active_characters { string, string }
    get_map Map
    get_nearest_hostile Character
    get_nearest_monster Monster
    get_player Player
    get_socket Socket
    get_target_of Character
    get_target Character
    get_targeted_monster Monster
    handle_command undefined
    handle_death undefined
    heal undefined
    in_attack_range Boolean
    is_character Boolean
    is_monster Boolean
    is_moving Boolean
    is_npc Boolean
    is_paused Boolean
    is_player Boolean
    is_pvp Boolean
    is_transporting Boolean
    item_grade Number
    item_properties ItemStats
    item_value Number
    load_code undefined
    loot undefined
    map_key undefined
    move undefined
    on_cm undefined
    on_combined_damage undefined
    on_destroy undefined
    on_disappear undefined
    on_draw undefined
    on_game_event undefined
    on_party_invite undefined
    on_party_request undefined
    pause undefined
    performance_trick undefined
    pget *
    plot undefined
    pm undefined
    preview_item undefined
    proxy undefined
    pset undefined
    qpush Number
    quantity Number
    reset_mappings undefined
    respawn undefined
    say undefined
    sell undefined
    send_cm undefined
    send_gold undefined
    send_item undefined
    send_party_invite undefined
    send_party_request undefined
    set_button_color undefined
    set_button_onclick undefined
    set_button_value undefined
    set_keymap undefined
    set_message undefined
    set_skillbar undefined
    shift undefined
    show_json undefined
    smart_move_logic undefined
    smart_move undefined
    smooth_path undefined
    start_character undefined
    start_pathfinding undefined
    stop_character undefined
    stop undefined
    swap undefined
    trade_buy undefined
    trade undefined
    transport undefined
    trigger_event undefined
    unequip undefined
    unfriend undefined
    unmap_key undefined
    upgrade undefined
    use_hp_or_mp undefined
    use_skill undefined
    use undefined
    xmove undefined


    1. Official Adventure Land MMORPG source code by Kaan Soral.
    2. Unofficial Adventure Land MMORPG code documentation by NexusNull.


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