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  • NPM 6.x
  • Node 8.x


This is a tiny module that allows making requests to the api. The npm package exposes a tiny utility class called ADSBExchange. The utility class can be used to leverage making requests to the the adsbexchange api. This utility will be actively maintained in collaboration with the team at ADS-B Exchange to keep it up to date with the information available on ADS-B Exchange


This package has been published on NPM and is freely available according to the MIT license. To install via npm simply run npm install adsbexchange-js-utility and via yarn yarn add adsbexchange-js-utility.

NPM Package Usage

const ADSBExchange = require('adsbexchange-js-utility');
const adsbExchange = new ADSBExchange('put-your-api-key-here');
/* Request based on promise style */
adsbExchange.request('aircraft', 'json').then((response) => {
  // response contains the required data
/* Request based on async/await style */
const requestData = asyn () => {
  const response = await adsbExchange.request('aircraft', 'json');
  // response contains the required data

The utility returns a resolved or rejected promise.

Available functions

The utility exposes two core functions request and reqQuery. Both functions accept two arguments namely endpoint and query however the methods differ purely on the format of the query argument that they take.

Accepted method arguments

  1. The endpoint {Required} - This refers to the endpoint to which the call should be made. The available option at the moment of this writing is aircraft. Kindly consult the official documentation for any endpoints not listed here, however the pluggin is flexible to support new endpoints without any changes needed whenever new endpoints are available. This is the same for both the request method and the reqQuery method.

Query for request function

  1. The query {Required} - The second argument taken by the request function is the query params. Kindly visit the official documentation to be sure what values are allowed in query construction. The query should strip (not contain) both the first and last / in them e.g. for a request like the query part of this request will be json/lat/37.16611/lon/-119.44944/dist/10 and this is because aircraft is considered the endpoint to which the query is required.

Query for reqQuery function

  1. The query {Required} - This refers to a javascript object constructed to match the require params in a key - value format. Kindly visit the official documentation to be sure what values are allowed in query construction. The query should be constructed following the order in which they are specified in the api documentation e.g. for a request like below

From ADS-B Exchange

will result a query params constructed as a javascript key-value pair thus

  {json: '', lat: 37.16611, lon: -119.44944, dist: 10}

as pointed out, aircraft is considered the endpoint. Also fields which are not preceeded with a value e.g. json, should be set to an empty string value in the query object.

Return type

The return type of the request method is a Promise which when resolved holds the data response.

Future Plans

I am currently volunteering to build open source tools for the team at ADS-B Exchange and will be adding utilities for both GoLang, Ruby and Python in the coming weeks/months/years. If there are any specific features you will like these utilities to have kindly let me know by creating an issue using the Github issue tracker. I'd be doing my best to help out. Also as an open source tool I'd be more than happy to have more contributors to help out the guys as ADS-B Exchange.

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