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Adonis Sink

Adonis sink contains fake implementations for commonly used AdonisJs providers. You can use this package to write tests for your own providers.

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It contains fake implmentations for

  1. Config provider
  2. Helpers provider
  3. Logger provider
  4. Env provider
  5. Setup adonis-fold resolver.

Config provider

If your provider has a dependency on Config provider, you must use a fake implementation to write tests.

const { Config } = require('adonis-sink')
const test = require('japa')'My Package', (group) => {
  group.beforeEach(() => {
    this.config = new Config()
  test('test', () => {
    this.config.set('services.redis', {
      host: '',
      port: ''
    const redis = new Redis(this.config)

Then inside your Redis class you can make use of the Config.get method.

class Redis {
  constructor (config) {
    const redisConfig = config.get('services.redis')

Helpers Provider

Helpers provider is used to get path to certain application directories. All the methods from the actual provider are available in the fake implementation.

const { Helpers } = require('adonis-sink')
const test = require('japa')
const path = require('path')'My Package', (group) => {
  group.beforeEach(() => {
    this.helpers = new Helpers(path.join(__dirname, './'))

The Helpers provider needs the appRoot as the constructor argument.

Logger Provider

Logger provider is used to log messages. The fake implementation also let you verify whether a message for a given level was logged or not.

const { Logger } = require('adonis-sink')
const test = require('japa')
const path = require('path')'My Package', (group) => {
  group.beforeEach(() => {
    this.logger = new Logger()
  test('my test', () => {
    const someModule = new SomeModule(this.logger)
    assert.isTrue(this.logger.has('warn', 'Consider passing over localhost'))

And use it like this

class SomeModule {
  constructor (logger) {
    this.logger = logger
  connect () {
    if ( = 'localhost') {
      this.logger.warn('Consider passing over localhost')

For complex message, you may use logger.contains over logger.has, since logger.has checks the equality of 2 strings and logger.contains does a sub string check.

this.logger.debug('user profile %j', { name: 'virk' })
this.logger.contains('user profile')

Env Provider

Also env provider can be used to read environment variables. The fake implementation doesn't load any .env file, whereas you can set values manually before writing tests.

const { Env } = require('adonis-sink')
const env = new Env()
env.set('HOST', '')

Resolver Setup

The resolver is an object to make namespaces and resolve values for a given namespace based upon the directory structure and autoloaded namespace.

Setup of resolver is done before AdonisJs application boots, but at the time of writing tests, there is no application and hence you can setup the resolver using a pre-configured method.

const { setupResolver } = require('adonis-sink')'My Package', (group) => {
  group.before(() => {

Now your application code under the test can make use of the adonis-fold resolver to resolve dependencies.

const { resolver } = require('adonis-fold')
// returns { instance: HomeController, isClosure: false, method: render }


npm i adonis-sink

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