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    Service provider for working with (image optimisation service)


    • Run adonis install adonis-kraken within your Adonis project
    • Add 'adonis-kraken/providers/KrakenProvider' to the providers array within start/app.js


    There are two ways to configure this package, both of which require a config/kraken.js file to exist within your project. This file should have automatically been copied to your project during installation if you installed it via adonis-cli, however if you installed it with npm or Yarn, or the file was not copied across correctly, you can manually copy the config file from this package or run the following command to create it:

    adonis kraken:getconfig

    By default this configuration file is set up to read KRAKEN_API_KEY and KRAKEN_API_SECRET variables from your .env file so that they remain secret (as this file should not be included in your code repository!) however you are free to override this behaviour by modifying the config/kraken.js file and setting the apiKey and apiSecret properties there.

    WARNING - It is dangerous to leave your API credentials directly in config/kraken.js in a public code repository as anyone will be able to read/use them - do so at your own risk!


    Add const Kraken = use('Kraken') at the top of whatever file you wish to use this package. This package then exposes three methods:

    Method Arguments Description
    url Object {...} Optimize an image from a URL
    upload Object {...} Optimize an image directly from an upload. Must be a Stream or an image that can be converted to a Readable Stream!
    userStatus Boolean formatSizes Gives you a brief overview of your account (quota used, quota remaining etc). Passing true will automatically format data supplied by Kraken in KB/MB/GB etc (by default this will just be a number of Bytes)

    See below for examples on how each method would be used.


    'use strict'
    const Kraken = use('Kraken')
    class MyController {
       * Optimize an image via a URL
      async optimizeImageViaURL () {
        const { data } = await Kraken.url({
          url: '',
          wait: true
        return { status: 'success' }
       * Optimize an image via a file upload
      async optimizeImageViaUpload ({ request }) {
        // Get access to the uploaded file. We are using a method
        // which means we do not need to save the file to our local
        // filesystem first!
        // (
        request.multipart.file('file', {}, async (file) => {
          const { data } = await Kraken.upload({
            wait: true
        // We must call the following when using this method of handling
        // uploaded files
        await request.multipart.process()
        return { status: 'success' }
       * Get some quota stats based on the active API key/secret
      async getUserStatus () {
        const { data } = await Kraken.userStatus({ formatSizes: true })
        return data
    module.exports = MyController


    npm i adonis-kraken

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