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    🙏 This repository contains the IOC container for adonis framework. It can be used standalone too.

    Fold is an IOC container for Node applications to make dependency injection simpler and powerful. It has following features and used in adonis framework

    1. Service Provider
    2. Service Manager
    3. Namespaces/Auto Loading

    IOC container enables solid Dependency Injection through out your application and makes it easier for you to test your modules by mocking dependencies with ease.

    You can learn more about AdonisJS and all of its awesomeness on 🌲

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    AdonisJS is build on the top of ES2015, which makes the code more enjoyable and cleaner to read. It doesn't make use of any transpiler and depends upon Core V8 implemented features.

    For these reasons, AdonisJS require you to use node >= 4.0 and npm >= 3.0.

    Contribution Guidelines

    In favor of active development we accept contributions for everyone. You can contribute by submitting a bug, creating pull requests or even improving documentation.

    You can find a complete guide to be followed strictly before submitting your pull requests in the Official Documentation.


    npm i adonis-fold

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