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  • Add package
npm install adaptivecards-reactnative  
  • Import the root component
import AdaptiveCard from 'adaptivecards-reactnative'
  • Render the component with required props
<AdaptiveCard payload={} 
Prop Type Description Required
payload {object} JSON payload adhering to the schema YES
hostConfig {object} JSON Host config to override based on schema NO
themeConfig {object} JSON Theme Config to customize styles NO
onExecuteAction {Event Handler} Method to be executed on card actions NO
onParseError {Event Handler} Method to be executed on JSON parse errors NO
ref React.createRef() Reference variable used to invoke the methods exposed by AdaptiveCards.(Example: In order to fetch the image & media URLs across the payload, one can use like this this.refs.referenceVariable.getResourceInformation() NO


In order to override the rendering of built-in components OR to add/remove an element type, one can simply make use of the functions exposed by Element Registry.


  • To override built-in TextBlock element,
  • To add support for new element type say Rating, add the component in the registry as below :
  • To remove the support of an element type (i.e To ignore the rendering of specific element type),

Theme Config

  • For customising UI styles of elements, Host App can pass styles (plain JSON object) as an optional prop to root element <AdaptiveCard/>.

  • Host app can provide platform specific styles as seen in the below example. For same styles across platforms, pass the styles without platform.

In this example, styles passed for element input are applied to both iOS and Android whereas for button, platform specific styles are applied.

    customThemeConfig = {
        input: {
            borderColor: "#000000",
            backgroundColor: "#F5F5F5",
            "ios": {
                textTransform: 'none',
            "android": {
                textTransform: 'uppercase'

Refer this wiki page to view the complete list of customizable theme config properties.

Examples / Visualizer

There are lot of sample JSON payloads covering all element types with few real case scenarios are available within this project.

To see the visualizer,

  • Clone the repo
  • Navigate to source/reactnative/ > Run npm install
  • iOS > react-native run-ios
  • Android > react-native run-android
  • Windows > react-native start and Launch Simulator from Visual Studio

Notes: Follow for react-native-windows setup

About Adaptive Card

  • Collection of elements and actions
  • Element is the basic building block of card
  • Element can be a standalone component OR can be a container that in turn holds collection of other element types
  • Main responsibilities of an element are,
    • Parsing
    • Rendering
  • HostConfig takes care of applying default styles. Custom styles (if any) can also be passed via HostConfig instance
  • Actions area contains one or more action buttons

Project Structure

This project is for React-Native implementation of Adaptive cards based on A Quick overview of the folder structure.

  • Components
  • Utils
  • Styles
Folder Description
src/components This directory contains all the components along with its registry functionalities. This includes standalone components, container types and actions.
src/components/actions This directory holds the collection of action elements.
src/components/containers This directory holds the container elements that holds collection of elements and its layout.
src/components/elements This directory holds all the static individual elements
src/components/inputs/ This directory holds all the interactable input elements
src/utils This directory takes care of keeping the Configuration out of the Code. This will hold anything that is used in multiple places throughout our app in one place.
src/styles This directory holds the global styles that will be used and applied across the components and app.The purpose is that we will reuse a lot of the same styling(like Container, Themes,etc....).


npm i adaptivecards-reactnative

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