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Repository for a demo that showcases the powerful, data-agnostic AdaptableBlotter.JS.

You can run AdaptableBlotter.JS with a number of different dummy data sets. And there is also an option to run the Blotter with ag-Grid grouping and aggregation functions.

Adaptable Blotter

AdaptableBlotter.JS is a powerful HTML5 DataGrid add-on that integrates with the leading datagrid components and provides all the additional, rich functionality that financial and other advanced users expect from their grids and blotters.

It offers - out of the box - incredibly powerful searching, filtering, sorting, styling and editing functionality. It also provides unparalleled validation and audit functions, vital in the current regulatory and compliance environment. Try it out for yourself at

Grid components supported include:

  • ag-Grid by ag-Grid
  • Hypergrid by OpenFin
  • Adaptable Grid by Adaptable Tools.

More grid components are being added all the time so contact us if you would like us to implement your favourite HTML5 grid control.

AdaptableBlotter.JS is fully data agnostic and can work with any data set you provide it with. It is suitable for all data, all asset classes, all grid types, all locations and all use cases.


The Adaptable Blotter is a commercial product and requires a purchased licence for use. There are 3 licence types available (all sold on an annual basis):

  • Community - free for charities, students in full time education and open-source projects.
  • End User - licences are sold in bands depending on the number of end users
  • Universal - unlimited users and usage.

(The Adaptable Blotter licence covers both AdaptableBlotter.NET and AdaptableBlotter.JS versions, and offers regular updates and full support). Please contact the Adaptable Tools Sales Team at for more information.


Further information about AdaptableBlotter.JS is available at And there is detailed Help at

For all enquiries please email the Adaptable Tools Support Team at

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