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    Adapt Builder Build Status

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    A web-based authoring tool for the Adapt Framework.


    • Web application built on NodeJS, BackboneJS, and MongoDB for creating, editing and publishing Adapt content
    • Supports all core extensions and components
    • Allows uploading and linking of course assets



    There are various ways of installing these applications depending on your platform.

    Installing prerequisites on Windows

    Users on platforms other than Windows can use the instructions below.

    Installation of Prerequisite Applications

    Before installing the tool itself, you must install the following applications.


    You can install git from here.

    If this is a fresh install of git, you should configure it:

    git config --global "Your Name"
    git config --global ""


    MongoDB is a document based database. Download and install the version appropriate for your system here.

    NodeJS & NPM

    NodeJS and NPM are required. Installing Node.js will also install NPM.

    IMPORTANT: The NodeJS version must be 0.10.33. Earlier versions of NodeJS are less stable and the code is currently not compatibile with 0.12.x.

    You should use a NodeJS version manager. We recommend using NVM on non-Windows machines. On Windows, try nodist

    Grunt and Adapt Command Line Tools

    Install grunt-cli and adapt-cli using npm (NOTE the -g in both commands is required!):

    npm install -g grunt-cli
    npm install -g adapt-cli

    Read more about Grunt

    FFMPEG (optional, but recommended)

    FFmpeg is not required to use the tool, but it will produce nice thumbnails for images and videos you upload.

    Clone the adapt_authoring project

    Clone the project from

    git clone

    Run the install script

    Firstly ensure that the MongoDB service is started is running correctly. If you installed on Linux, the service should automatically start. OSX users may have to manually run mongod from a terminal.

    Navigate to the folder where you cloned the adapt_authoring project and run npm install:

    cd /path/to/adapt_authoring/
    npm install

    And finally run the install script. The script will help you configure the tool. In most cases, you can just accept the default values; the only input you are required to provide are the default username and password. Note that FFmpeg is not used by default, so choose Y when prompted if you have it installed:

    node install

    If the script completes succesfully, you should now be able to run the application. If any error occurs, read the output, and check if you forgot to install one of the above prerequisites.

    To run the application use:

    node server

    The ouput on the console will tell you what url to use to access the tool. By default it will be http://localhost:5000.

    You can run the install script again at anytime. If you chose the same values for the master database connection, you may overwrite any existing data, but this is occasionally desired.

    We hope you enjoy using the tool! For help and support, please visit the community page at


    npm i adapt-origin

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