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Active Table is a fully customizable web component built with a focus on delivering the best editable table experience possible. Whether you need a simple table or a complex real-time data visualization grid, this component can be tailored to suit your specific needs! Explore to view all of the available features, how to use them, examples and more!

This package is an Active Table component wrapper for React.

🚀 Main Features

  • Add/Remove/Move/Edit rows/columns
  • Text validation
  • Sorting
  • Pagination
  • Filtering
  • Column types: Text/Number/Currency/Select/Label/Date/Checkbox
  • API for building custom column types
  • Import/Export/Paste/Drag&Drop csv, xls, xlsx, ods, txt files
  • Programmatic cell updates
  • Reactive dimensions
  • Overflow handling
  • Everything is customizable!

🎉 Latest update

Table columns and rows can now be dragged using your mouse:

Drag Feature

💻 Getting started

npm install active-table-react

Then simply add this to your markup:

<ActiveTable data={[["Planet", "Diameter"], ["Earth", 12756]]} />

🔰 Examples

Check out the live codepen examples for your UI framework/library of choice:

React Vue 2 Vue 3 Angular Svelte SvelteKit Solid Next VanillaJS

👷 Local setup

# Install node dependencies:
$ npm install

# Build the wrapper:
$ npm run build

If you wish to edit the component functionality, please see the core Active Table package and import your forked package into this component as has been done for active-table.

❤️ Contributions

Open source is built by the community for the community. All contributions to this project are welcome!
Additionally, if you have any suggestions for enhancements, ideas on how to take the project further or have discovered a bug, do not hesitate to create a new issue ticket and we will look into it as soon as possible!

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