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Active Menu


Active Menu is a module for NodeJS that facilitates the creation of menus in Node applications, specifically (but not limited to) Express.

Inspired by the CMenu widget for the PHP framework Yii (viewable here) as well as the menu markup from Magento's top menu system.

The menu, when rendered will apply the proper active classes depending on the current route of the application. For example, when the user is on the route /admin/posts, the <a> tag and all parents of that tag (<ul> and <li>) will also be given the active class. This makes applying CSS for menu items which relate to the current route quite simple.


A simple example using Active Menu for a blog's admin panel:

// Require Active Menu
var activeMenu = require('active-menu');
// Create a New Instance
var adminMenu = new activeMenu('adminMenu');
// Set HTML Attributes for the Top <ul> element
adminMenu.setAttributes({class : 'menu', id : 'admin-menu'});

// Home Node
var homeNode = adminMenu.addMenuNode('Home', '/admin');
homeNode.setAttributes({class : 'home home-icon', id : 'home-link'});

// Posts Node and Children
var postsNode = adminMenu.addMenuNode('Posts', '/admin/posts');
postsNode.setAttributes({class : 'posts posts-icon'});

var newPostNode = postsNode.addMenuNode('New Post', '/admin/posts/new');
newPostNode.setAttributes({class : 'new-post new-icon'});

// Settings Node
var settingsNode = adminMenu.addMenuNode('Settings', '/admin/settings');
settingsNode.setAttributes({class : 'settings cog-icon'});

// Use Menu

When app.use(...) is called for, it adds the menu instance to res.locals which is then accessible through the Jade templating engine. Simple put !=adminMenu in your template and it will render the menu as part of the HTML.

You can also get the HTML for the menu by calling adminMenu.toString().


The above example would produce the following output:

<ul class="menu" id="admin-menu">
    <li class="home home-icon level-0 first" id="home-link">
        <a href="/admin">Home</a>
    <li class="posts posts-icon level-0 parent">
        <a href="/admin/posts">Posts</a>
        <ul class="level-1">
            <li class="new-post new-icon level-1 only">
                <a href="/admin/posts/new">New Post</a>
    <li class="settings cog-icon level-0 last">
        <a href="/admin/settings">Settings</a>