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This is a wrapper package on top of ftp-deploy.


ftp-deploy is a Node.js package to help with deploying code. Ftp a folder from your local disk to a remote ftp destination. Does not delete from destination directory. ftp-deploy requires writing a script. This package does not require writing that script and adds a cli command instead. ftp-deploy is also forked here for reference/backup purposes.


 > npm install --save-dev

Usage Examples

FTP details and other required configuration can be provided in two ways.

  1. Configuration Files Configuration can be saved in a file in json format and specified as a parameter with one of these switches: /c | /config | /configFile.
  2. Parameters Configuration details can be provided as parameters as specified below in the Parameters section.

With Configuration

> ftp-deploy /c deployer-config.json Starts deployment expecting the configuration in the file named deployer-config.json.

> ftp-deploy If configuration file is not specified then it looks for the configuration file with default name .ftp-deployer.config.json.

With Parameters > ftp-deploy /h host_name /u user /p password

> ftp-deploy /h /port 21 /u username /p password /l local_dir /r remote_dir /i 'assets/**, **/*.html, **/*.js' /e 'node_modules/**, .git/**, **/*'

Parameters are explained in the section below.


Parameters are to be provided in a fashion where each parameter value is preceded with a switch starting with a / specified the name of the parameter coming in as next argument e.g. ftp-deploy /switch value.

/c or /config or /configFile Path to the configuration file with FTP details. If none of the parameters is specified the default configuration is expected to exist with the default name. [default: .ftp-deployer.config.json]

/h, /host FTP host

/p, /port FTP Port. [optional] [default: 21]

/u, /user FTP user

/p, /pass /password FTP Password. Password optional, prompted if none given.

/l, /localRoot Local directory path. [optional]

/r, /remoteRoot Remote directory path. [optional]

/i, /include Takes in a list of glob patterns in a string separated by a ,. Includes files only specified in patterns in this field. For example assets/**, **/*.html, **/*.js includes all files in assets director including subdirectories, all files with .html and .js extensions in all directories and subdirectories.

/e, /exclude Takes in a list of glob patterns in a string separated by a ,. Excludes the files matching the patterns in local directory from copying. For example node_modules/**, .git/**, **/* excludes aLL files in node_modules & .git directory including their subdirectories and dot files and all files with extension in any directories or subdirectories. [optional]

/d, /deleteRemote Delete ALL existing files at destination before uploading, if true. [default: false]

/f, /forcePasv Passive mode is forced (EPSV command is not sent). [default: true]

/w, /write, /writeConfig Use this switch without any value to write an empty config file to the disk for use.

Sample Configuration File

    "host": "",
    "port": 21,
    "user": "anonymous",
    "password": "",
    "deleteRemote": false,
    "forcePasv": true,
    "localRoot": "",
    "remoteRoot": "",
    "include": [],
    "exclude": []

An empty configuration file can be created by calling the ftp-deploy command with one of the following switches by providing a name as parameter /w | /write | /writeConfig. If no value is provided default name .ftp-deployer.config.json is used.

CLI Command There are two commands you can use to run the package. ftp-deploy and deploy. Since this package is installed from git instead of npm repository, the cli commands cannot be run directly. The command has to be added to the script for it in package.json file.

        "deploy": "ftp=deploy /c .ftp-deployer.config.json"


        "deploy": "deploy /h /port 21 /u ftpuser /p j8UY_91PP! /l D:/IT/NodeJS/FTP-Deploy/Example /r FTP-Deployer"

Providing parameters from cli to script

If the commands are setup in script tag in package.json file then the parameters can also be provided to the command being specified in the scritps tag.

For exammple, if the deploy script is setup in the scripts tag inside package.json file as following:

        "deploy": "deploy /h /port 21 /u ftpuser /p j8UY_91PP! /l D:/IT/NodeJS/FTP-Deploy/Example /r FTP-Deployer"

Then the following command will forward all the parameters specified after -- to the deploy command.

 > npm run deploy -- / /port 21 /u ftpuser /p j8UY_91PP! /l D:/IT/NodeJS/FTP-Deploy/Example /FTP-Deployer

Once the package is published to npm respository and is installed from there, the cli commands can be run directly from the command prompt.


npm i active-ftp-deployer

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