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Actions On Google Client Library

This Actions On Google client library makes it easy to create your apps for the Google Assistant.

The client library supports both the Actions SDK webhook and Dialogflow fulfillment.

NPM Version

Setup Instructions

Actions SDK

  1. Import the appropriate class:
const { ActionsSdkApp } = require('actions-on-google');
  1. Create an instance:
const app = new ActionsSdkApp({request: request, response: response});


  1. Import the appropriate class:
const { DialogflowApp } = require('actions-on-google');
  1. Create an instance:
const app = new DialogflowApp({request: request, response: response});

References and How to report bugs

How to make contributions?

Please read and follow the steps in the




Your use of this sample is subject to, and by using or downloading the sample files you agree to comply with, the Google APIs Terms of Service.


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