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Properly credit deps and assets in your projects in a pretty way.


Acknowledgments is a CLI tool that generates a JSON file with a list of all the local dependencies from package.json, as well as ones you add yourself, with exports to many file types (CSV, TOML, HTML, YAML and Markdown).

Using Acknowledgements in the Terminal, with specified Markdown output. 9 dependencies are added in 29ms.


npm install --global acknowledgements
# OR
yarn global add acknowledgements
# OR
pnpm add --global acknowledgements

Installing locally will also work.


# From the root of the project

# With a specified folder
ack packages/my-package # or yarn ack

# With Acknowledgements installed locally
npx ack # or yarn ack

This command by default only generates a JSON file with your installed dependencies. (Example)

You can also export to CSV, HTML, Markdown, TOML or YAML using the --formats flag using an array of these file types. Example:

ack --formats csv html md toml yaml # or -F instead of formats

Acknowledgements skips devDependencies by default. To include them, use the --include-dev flag.

ack --include-dev # or -D

You can also recursively read the dependencies of your project's dependencies. For that, use the --recursive flag.

ack --recursive # or -R

Manually adding credits

If you're working on a project where you need to credit external projects that are not in your package.json (e.g. a game where you want to credit a set of textures, music pieces, etc.), Acknowledgements provides a add command.

ack add

This will prompt you to choose a name, URL and author name.

Using the ack add command. The example shows the crediting of John Doe for "Leaf textures".

Note: Adding credits manually will keep them forever in your credits.json, unless you remove them. Manual credits have a "type" property of "MANUAL_CREDIT".

Advanced usage

This command recursively reads dependencies, includes all developer deps and exports to JSON and Markdown.

ack -R -D -F md # Short hand for --recursive --include-dev --formats md

To automatically run Acknowledgements after adding a dependency, add it to a postinstall script in your package.json like so:

    "script": {
      "postinstall": "ack" // replace "ack" with whatever script you want

Note that this will not work after uninstalling a dependency, as mentioned in the npm documentation


  • [x] Have an actual README
  • [x] Command to manually add new stuff to credit
  • [ ] Option to ignore @types/ devDependencies in credits
  • [ ] Customize Markdown header
  • [ ] Support monorepo merging to one file
  • [x] Support more output types
  • [ ] Support multiple files
  • [ ] Support for non-Node projects
  • [x] Recursively find dependencies' dependencies

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