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A rails flavored asset pipeline based on piler


Acid is rails flavored asset pipeline that makes your assets fly... Based on the excellent piler, it adds some extra spice on top of it, like global definition files, precompilation of client-side templates, hot code pushes, and more..

It was developed for the use with express, backbone.js and handlebars.

npm install 

First create a configuration file to define all your assets:

module.exports = 
    dir: 'public'
    javascripts: [
      (require: 'vendor/jquery-1.7.1.min.js')
      (require: 'vendor/underscore.js')
      (require: 'vendor/backbone.js')
      (require_tree: 'lib/models')
      (require_tree: 'lib/collections')
      (require_tree: 'lib/views')
      (require: 'lib/app.js')
    stylesheets: [
      (require: 'style.css') 
      dir: 'templates'
      engine: 'handlebars'
      lib: 'vendor/handlebars.runtime.js'
      watch: true


  • require: load single file
  • require_tree: load directory recursive

Acid assumes that you have your asset directory structured like this, if not specified:

javascripts/ stylesheets/ templates/

Require acid:

acid = require 'acid'

Load the configuration file:

config = require 'config'

Bind it to your app:

acid.bind app, acid: config

For hot code push and live templating you should also add io, otherwise it will be loaded by default.

acid.bind app, acid: config, io: io

In your main view you need to add following line, so piler can inject the resources:



Acid will compile all clientside templates for you. Currently only Handlebars is supported, which is a great clientside template engine based on mustache.js. But the real kick is, that it will also watch your template directory for changes, and push the code directly to the browser, so it will be instantly viewed. Just bind a Backbone event to the Handlebars.set method:

  // set up observer on handlebar templates 
  Handlebars.templates = Handlebars.templates || {};
  _.extend(Handlebars, Backbone.Events);
  Handlebars.set = _.bind(function(name,template) {
    this.templates[name] = template;

No you can listen to changes of templates and rerender your view!

handlebars, coffee-script, less

Acid is still under heavy development. Contribution is always welcome!