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absolution accepts HTML and a base URL, and returns HTML with absolute URLs. Great for generating valid RSS feeds.

absolution is not too picky about your HTML.


absolution is intended for use with Node. That's pretty much it. All of its npm dependencies are pure JavaScript. absolution is built on the excellent htmlparser2 module.

How to use

npm install absolution

var absolution = require('absolution');

var dirty = '<a href="/foo">Foo!</a>';
var clean = absolution(dirty, '');

// clean is now:
// <a href="">Foo!</a>


If you want to do further processing of each absolute URL, you can also pass a decorator function:

var clean = absolution(dirty, '', {
  decorator: function(url) {
    return '' + encodeURIComponent(url);


1.0.0: no new changes; declared stable as with the addition of the decorator option there's little left to do, and all tests are passing nicely.

0.2.0: decorator option added.

0.1.0: initial release.

About P'unk Avenue and Apostrophe

absolution was created at P'unk Avenue for use in Apostrophe, an open-source content management system built on node.js. If you like absolution you should definitely check out Also be sure to visit us on github.


Feel free to open issues on github.