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    Helps you keep your code less crazy by adding either eslint or jshint in the pre-commit hooks.


    In your project root directory, type:

      $ npm install --save-dev abracadabra

    and that's it.


    What does it actually do?

    Upon installation it adds a git pre-commit hook in your repository, which runs every time you're going to commit something. In this case it'll run a npm task that validates your code either via eslint or jshint. In that way, anybody in your team can't commit anything that doesn't match the standards.

    What does it use for linting?

    It's up to you. If you don't have any eslint or jshint configurations in your root directory, it'll ask you and then create a default configuration for linter of your choice. You may later change configurations according to your needs.

    How it is different from this?

    There are two major differences, one being that nlf/precommit-hook only supports jshint and has it in its dependencies, while abracadabra supports jshint as well as eslint moreover it uses the lint command from your dependencies. Plus, it has quite verbose default configuration files. Other than that, it uses the same nlf/git-validate module under the hood as precommit-hook.

    Default configurations?

    Here they are; .eslintrc & .jshintrc.

    I need to commit a hotfix, how do I bypass the linting?

    You can bypass the pre-commit hook by:

     $ git commit --no-verify


    npm i abracadabra

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