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    Validates Australian Business Numbers (ABNs) or Australian Company Numbers (ACNs) or a combination of both.


    Install from npm, like so:

    npm install abnacn-validator --save


    The modules exposes three different functions: isValidABN, isValidACN and isValidABNorACN. The latter will return true if the number is either a valid ABN or a valid ACN.

    Importing in ES6 syntax:

    // Just import the functions you need.  There's no default export.
    import {isValidABN, isValidACN, isValidABNorACN} from "abnacn-validator";
    isValidABN("53 004 085 616"); // -> true
    isValidABN("0"); // -> false
    isValidACN("005 749 986"); // -> true
    isValidACN("53 004 085 616"); // -> false  (that's an ABN!)
    isValidABNorACN("53 004 085 616"); // -> true
    isValidABNorACN("005 749 986"); // -> true
    isValidABNorACN("0"); // -> false

    Requiring in CommonJS (Node) syntax:

    var abnAcnValidatorObj = require("abnacn-validator");
    abnAcnValidatorObj.isValidABN("53 004 085 616"); // -> true
    abnAcnValidatorObj.isValidABN("0"); // -> false
    abnAcnValidatorObj.isValidACN("005 749 986"); // -> true
    abnAcnValidatorObj.isValidACN("53 004 085 616"); // -> false  (that's an ABN!)
    abnAcnValidatorObj.isValidABNorACN("53 004 085 616"); // -> true
    abnAcnValidatorObj.isValidABNorACN("005 749 986"); // -> true
    abnAcnValidatorObj.isValidABNorACN("0"); // -> false

    AMD/RequireJS Syntax

    For the masochists among you... ;-)

    I built this as a UMD module, using Babel's babel-plugin-transform-es2015-modules-umd plugin. So in theory, it should work with the AMD/RequireJS syntax too. But this is untested, so suck it and see.

    Script tag

    And finally, the humble script tag:

    <script src="abnacn-validator.js"></script>


    As usual, after cloning the repository, install the required packages like so:

    cd abnacn-validator
    npm install

    Edit the one source file in the /src folder, then run:

    npm run build

    to build it to the dist folder. Babel will transform from ES6 to CommonJS format, and will also export in UMD format, courtesy of its babel-plugin-transform-es2015-modules-umd plugin.

    To run the test suite.

    npm test

    Increased number of test cases for version 0.0.5. Each valid and invalid ABN was verified at before being included in the test cases. Test now also prints each ABN and ACN invidually, so you can see which ones are valid and which are not. Test cases now include varations with and without spaces.


    As of version 0.0.5, the ABN validation code is taken from Truffala's formula at:

    His code was adapated from the PHP code at

    This replaces previous bugged code that was validating invalid ABNs.

    ACN validation code taken from Worldspawn's post on this Whirlpool forum thread.



    npm i abnacn-validator

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