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A full featured stock trading client + server that includes a full IDE and backtest environment. But can be you used with your preferred IDE also! (unlike MetaTrader/cloud9 etc)

Can be run as

  • Desktop client (electron)
  • (public)Website
  • Standalone client connected to the cloud (with a custom server)
  • Standalone server running elastic in the cloud (with a custom client)

#(!!Under heavy development!! (27 nov 2016)) probably best to come back in another 2 months ;)

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## Build in Editor Alt text

#### How to start (temp, this will be normalized in the future)

   npm install --save tradejs
   # terminal 1
   cd node_modules/tradejs
   npm run client:dev
   # terminal 2
   cd node_modules/tradejs
   npm run server:dev
   ### For native desktop app (electron), replace terminal 2 with ->
   # terminal 2
   cd node_modules/tradejs
   npm run electron:dev

Make sure you have a practise account on Oanda (

  • Optional - Not needed when using electron. Go to http://localhost:4200 in Chrome
  • Click on login and fill in Oanda credentials
  • Probably a few refreshes/reboots is still required (will be smoothed out in the future)