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A node.js module for creating a static website/blog.

What it does

Creates a website/blog into static .html files - no database needed.

  • Converts articles written markdown into .html
  • Allows for a single template written in .jade or .html to be used as the site's template
  • Styling can be written in .css, .less, or .styl

Create a new post

muffin post

Then you'll be greated with a prompt asking you for an article name


Enter a unique name for the article


To get a list of all the commands:

muffin -h




make test


Settings for baking the site/blog.

	"blog": "/Y/m/d/T"

Y = Year  4 digits m = Month 2 digits d = Day   2 digits T = Full title of the article

Set up the format of the blog's url structure: Y, m, d are all optional and T is required


  • Clean up Muffin.bake because it's a mess
  • Set limit on # of chars. for blogs without h2's
  • Allow year in the blog url to be 2 years
  • Make article title in url optionally shorter (have no idea how)
  • Have option for setup using nodejitsu for deployment
  • Have option for setup using Github for deployment
  • Remove JS DOM as a dependency (it sucks)
  • Remove markx as a dependency