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jQuery Deferreds for nodejs

jQuery Deferreds source and unit tests ported verbatim to nodejs using minimal, automated, code transformation.


This is the exact same code, running the exact same unit tests. Why use a bad copy when you can use the original?


  • use npm: npm install JQDeferred
  • or put JQDeferred as a dependency in package.json.


var Deferred = require( "JQDeferred" );


jQuery JQDeferred
$.Deferred Deferred
$._Deferred Deferred._Deferred
$.when Deferred.when
$.Callbacks Deferred.Callbacks

_Deferred only available prior to 1.7.0

Callbacks only available as of 1.7.0.


Just head to the jQuery API site:


There is an exact correspondence between the version of the package and the version of jQuery from which it has been extracted. So, if you want to use Deferreds as they were in jQuery 1.5.2, just use npm install JQDeferred@1.5.2.

Of course, this is not really semantic versioning but it makes a lot more sense than maintaining a separate version.