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    Runs on your favorite ECMAScript ecosystem

    If it doesn't, we gonna make it.

    What is ZXing?

    ZXing ("zebra crossing") is an open-source, multi-format 1D/2D barcode image processing library implemented in Java, with ports to other languages.

    Supported Formats

    See Projects and Milestones for what is currently done and what's planned next. 👀

    1D product 1D industrial 2D
    UPC-A Code 39 QR Code
    UPC-E Code 93 Data Matrix
    EAN-8 Code 128 Aztec
    EAN-13 Codabar PDF 417
    ITF MaxiCode
    RSS-Expanded *

    * In progress, may have open PR.


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    NOTE: While we do not have the time to actively maintain zxing-js anymore, we are open to new maintainers taking the lead.


    See Live Preview in browser.

    Note: All the examples are using ES6, be sure is supported in your browser or modify as needed, Chrome recommended.


    npm i @zxing/library --save


    yarn add @zxing/library


    On iOS-Devices with iOS < 14.3 camera access works only in native Safari and not in other Browsers (Chrome,...) or Apps that use an UIWebView or WKWebView. This is not a restriction of this library but of the limited WebRTC support by Apple. The behavior might change in iOS 11.3 (Apr 2018?, not tested) as stated here

    iOS 14.3 (released in december 2020) now supports WebRTC in 3rd party browsers as well 🎉

    Browser Support

    The browser layer is using the MediaDevices web API which is not supported by older browsers.

    You can use external polyfills like WebRTC adapter to increase browser compatibility.

    Also, note that the library is using the TypedArray (Int32Array, Uint8ClampedArray, etc.) which are not available in older browsers (e.g. Android 4 default browser).

    You can use core-js to add support to these browsers.

    In the PDF 417 decoder recent addition, the library now makes use of the new BigInt type, which is not supported by all browsers as well. There's no way to polyfill that and ponyfill libraries are way to big, but even if PDF 417 decoding relies on BigInt the rest of the library shall work ok in browsers that doesn't support it.

    There's no polyfills for BigInt in the way it's coded in here.


    // use with commonJS
    const { MultiFormatReader, BarcodeFormat } = require('@zxing/library');
    // or with ES6 modules
    import { MultiFormatReader, BarcodeFormat } from '@zxing/library';
    const hints = new Map();
    const formats = [BarcodeFormat.QR_CODE, BarcodeFormat.DATA_MATRIX/*, ...*/];
    hints.set(DecodeHintType.POSSIBLE_FORMATS, formats);
    const reader = new MultiFormatReader();
    const luminanceSource = new RGBLuminanceSource(imgByteArray, imgWidth, imgHeight);
    const binaryBitmap = new BinaryBitmap(new HybridBinarizer(luminanceSource));


    See Contributing Guide for information regarding porting approach and reasoning behind some of the approaches taken.


    Special thanks to all the contributors who have contributed for this project. We heartly thankful to you all.

    And a special thanks to @aleris who created the project itself and made available the initial QR code port.



    npm i @zxing/library

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