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homebridge-wyze-smart-home: Wyze Connected Home plugin for Homebridge

This plugin adds support for Wyze Smart Home devices to Homebridge.

Funding Donate

If you like what I have done here and want to help I would recommend that you firstly look into supporting Homebridge. None of this could happen without them.

After you have done that if you feel like my work has been valuable to you I welcome your support through Paypal. All funding goes back into product purchases. I would love to support all products that Wyze has under their portfolio along with other product that gets rebranded for other companies.

Supported Devices

  • Light Bulb
  • Light Strips
  • Color Bulb (Mesh Light)
  • Plug
  • Outdoor Plug
  • V1 & V2 Contact Sensor (Status / Battery)
  • V1 & V2 Motion Sensor (Status / Battery)
  • Tempeature Sensor (Status / Battery)
  • Leak Sensor (Status / Battery)
  • Lock (Battery / Door Status / Control)
  • Camera v2, v3, Outdoor Cam, PamCam (on/off)
  • Wall Switch
  • HMS
  • Thermostat

For more information about our version updates, please check our change log.


Use the settings UI in Homebridge Config UI X to configure your Wyze account, or manually add the following to the platforms section of your config file:

  "platforms": [
      "platform": "WyzeSmartHome",
      "name": "Wyze",
      "username": "YOUR_EMAIL",
      "password": "YOUR_PASSWORD",
      "keyId": "",
      "apiKey": "",
      "filterDeviceTypeList": ["OutdoorPlug","Plug"],
      "filterByMacAddressList": ["MAC_ADDRESS_1","MAC_ADDRESS_2"]}

Supported devices will be discovered and added to Homebridge automatically.

Optional fields

  • mfaCode – Only required for the initial login if you have two-factor authentication enabled for your account. This is typically a 6-digit code provided by your authenticator app.
  • refreshInterval – Defines how often the status of the devices will be polled in milliseconds (e.g., "refreshInterval": 5000 will check the status of your devices' status every 5 seconds). Defaults to 10 seconds.
  • phoneId – The phone id used by the Wyze App. This value is just found by intercepting your phone's traffic. If no phoneId is specified, a default value will be used.
  • API key – Navigate to this portal, and click Login to sign in to your Wyze account. Note: Ensure that the login info you are using matches the info you use when logging into the Wyze app. Once you’ve signed in, you’ll be automatically redirected back to the developer page. Click Create an API key for your API key to be created. Once created, you can click view to see the entire key. You should receive an email that a new API key has been generated. Once you have the API key, you can use it in your script to get the access token and refresh token.

Other Info

Special thanks to the following projects for reference and inspiration:

  • ha-wyzeapi, a Wyze integration for Home Assistant.
  • wyze-node, a Node library for the Wyze API.

Thanks to misenhower for the original Wyze Homebridge plugin, and thanks to contributors and other developers who were not merged for volunteering their time to help fix bugs and add support for more devices and features.

This plugin is an actively maintained fork of misenhower's original Wyze Homebridge Plugin project.

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