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Core package

The Zowe SDK Core package contains functionality that is shared across all other SDK packages, such as @zowe/zos-files-for-zowe-sdk.

Important! You must install the Core package to satisfy the peer dependency requirement for all other SDK packages.

Core libraries

The following libraries are included in this package:

  • apiml - Defines the Services class, which facilitates managing services hosted by the Zowe API Mediation Layer. It defines methods to load API ML config data for installed CLI plug-ins, obtain data from the API ML services endpoint, and convert this data to a config JSON file.

  • auth - Contains the Login and Logout classes, which let you handle login and logout from the Zowe API Mediation Layer (or other token-based authentication services). Use the functions Login.apimlLogin and Logout.apimlLogout to store a web token in a local "base profile", which enables a secure connection to the server.

  • rest - Defines the ZosmfRestClient class, which lets you access z/OSMF REST APIs and is an extension of the Imperative CLI Framework RestClient class. It provides convenience methods, such as appendHeaders and processError, that can be used for any z/OSMF request.

  • utils - Contains miscellaneous utility methods, such as ProfileUtils.loadDefaultProfile, which automatically loads the username, host, port, etc... that is defined in your default profile configuration. To learn about all available utilities, refer to the comments in the core/utils source code.

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