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Zoom Video SDK for Web

Use of this SDK is subject to our Terms of Use.

The Zoom Video SDK enables you to build custom video experiences with Zoom's core technology through a highly optimized WebAssembly module.


In your frontend project, install the Video SDK:

$ npm install @zoom/videosdk --save


Zoom Video SDK

The Video SDK provides video, audio, screen sharing, chat, data streams, and more, as a service. You can build with all of these features, or pick and choose. The Video SDK also comes with a full set of server side APIs and Webhooks.

In the component file where you want to use the Video SDK, import ZoomVideo and create the client.

import ZoomVideo from '@zoom/videosdk'

const client = ZoomVideo.createClient()

Then init the SDK and declare the stream which we will define later:

client.init('en-US', `CDN`)

let stream

Now we will start or join the session. Here are the required parameters for the client.join() function.

Parameter Parameter Description
topic Required, a session name of your choice or the name of the session you are joining.
token Required, your Video SDK JWT.
userName Required, a name for the participant.
password Required, a session passcode of your choice or the passcode of the session you are joining.

Then start or join the session and define the stream, which will be used for core features.

client.join(topic, token, userName, password).then(() => {
  stream = client.getMediaStream()
}).catch((error) => {

Now that we are in a session, we can start using core features like stream.startVideo().

Core Features:

For the full list of features and event listeners, as well as additional guides, see our Video SDK docs.

Sample Apps

Need help?

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