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This package provides a basic client library to communicate with a Tendermint/Cosmos App running in a Ledger Nano S/S+/X devices

We recommend using the npmjs package in order to receive updates/fixes.

Available commands

Operation Response Command
getVersion app version ---------------
publicKey pubkey path (legacy command)
getAddressAndPubKey pubkey + address path + ( showInDevice )
showAddressAndPubKey signed message path
appInfo name, version, flags, etc ---------------
deviceInfo fw and mcu version, id, etc Only available in dashboard
sign signed message path + message + (HRP)

getAddress command requires that you set the derivation path (account, change, index) and has an option parameter to display the address on the device. By default, it will retrieve the information without user confirmation.

Testing with real devices

It is possible to test this package with a real Ledger Nano device. To accomplish that, you will need to follow these steps:

  • Install the application in the Ledger device
  • Install the dependencies from this project
  • Run tests
yarn install
yarn test:integration

Who we are?

We are Zondax, a company pioneering blockchain services. If you want to know more about us, please visit us at zondax.ch

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