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    Testing the React Component UI with docker.


    • store option for deskcomponent components
    • mdata js file check
    • service down handles


    • generate details about components in testing


    • Module data and without docs find added


    • workaround for webpack rebuild


    • error handling with proper message in callbacks


    • handle api request under forEach with promises


    • allow even with single component change


    • Seperate reference branch images with Hbase
    • Impact run options enable
    • store option for first run
    • store with impact run after the merge in reference branch


    • Text editor cursor blink fix with version update


    • Disable the images with the components (If you want with image you can enable with the flag --sstest:image)


    • Better logs
    • provide result details to the callback


    • To prevent the cursor blink diff in editors click the body element
    • Also check the visiblity of below element in docs (id=check)


    • animation issue fix with components.html


    • some issue fix with component name log


    • Error components refresh fix


    • Module stats js file path fix


    • component name with __ only allowed
    • Need to console the component log


    • Time consumption reduced and some issue fixes on selenium webdriver


    • Issue fix and Log generation
    • mData Object issue fix


    • Module stats , mData issue fix
    • Timeout issue due the unmatched component count(setTimeout) fixes
    • script injection for stop the animation inside the docs component
    • custom request npm api added




    npm i @zohodesk/screenshot-test

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