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Angular 2 with Material 2 is awesome, but it's still lacking a DataTable component (as of November 2016).

As I urgently needed one for a project, I decided to make my own DataTable component and share it on GitHub.

This may be useful for you (or not).


  • Pagination Component
  • Column sorting (ascending/descending)
  • Row selection (using checkboxes)
  • You can use it with @ngrx/store (that's how I use it)

Working with

  • Angular 4.x
  • Material 2 Beta 3


To use ng2-md-datatable in your project install it via npm:

npm install --save ng2-md-datatable

Then include it in your application's main module:

import { MdDataTableModule } from 'ng2-md-datatable';

  imports: [


Your datatable would look like this in a Angular 2 template:

<ng2-md-datatable selectable>
    <ng2-md-datatable-column sortValue="article">Article</ng2-md-datatable-column>
    <ng2-md-datatable-column sortValue="product">Product</ng2-md-datatable-column>
    <ng2-md-datatable-column sortValue="quantity" numeric>Quantity</ng2-md-datatable-column>
    <ng2-md-datatable-row selectableValue="K003-0350-001">
      <td>Yirgacheffe Kaffee, 350g ganze Bohne</td>
      <td class="numeric">232</td>
    <ng2-md-datatable-row selectableValue="K003-0350-002">
      <td>Yirgacheffe Kaffee, 350g gemahlen</td>
      <td class="numeric">124</td>
    <ng2-md-datatable-row selectableValue="K003-0350-003">
      <td>Yirgacheffe Kaffee, 1kg ganze Bohne</td>
      <td class="numeric">464</td>
    <ng2-md-datatable-row selectableValue="K003-0350-004">
      <td>Yirgacheffe Kaffee, 1kg gemahlen</td>
      <td class="numeric">243</td>

Here's the pagination component:


As you might have noticed, these two components are not initially linked, it is up to you to bind them to your datasource and react to events they fire.


You should subscribe to these event emitters:


@Output() selectionChange: EventEmitter<IDatatableSelectionEvent>;
@Output() sortChange: EventEmitter<IDatatableSortEvent>;


@Output() paginationChange: EventEmitter<IDatatablePaginationEvent>;

Please read src/md-datatable.interfaces.ts for details about the payload of each event.


To add ng2-md-datatable to your Material 2 theming file:

@import '~ng2-md-datatable/datatable-theme';
@include mat-datatable-theme($theme);

This is based on the current guide for theming components with Material 2 Beta 2.

Live Demo

To see ng2-md-datatable in action (head to /src/demo-app), a few steps are required:

  • you need Gulp (npm install -g gulp-cli)
  • you need Angular-CLI v1.0 or later (npm install -g @angular/cli)
  • the demo-app currently uses the compiled library, so please run beforehand:
    • gulp build:components (or gulp build:release depending on if you plan to use AOT or not)
  • from the demo-app folder, run npm install (this will copy the binaries from the /dist folder in nodes_modules)
  • then start ng serve or ng serve --aot

Don't mind about the use of Observables here (and about the Shuffle button), I just wanted to test if the datatable behaved correctly with Angular async rendering.

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