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    Zeplin CLI

    Command-line interface for Zeplin


    Install Zeplin CLI using npm.

    npm install -g @zeplin/cli


    Connected Components

    Connected Components in Zeplin lets you access components in your codebase directly on designs in Zeplin, with links to Storybook, GitHub and any other source of documentation based on your workflow. 🧩

    CLI connect command uses plugins to analyze component source code and publishes a high-level overview to be displayed in Zeplin. You can either publish changes to your components manually, or better yet, you can always keep them in sync by running the CLI as a step in your CI workflow.

    Make sure that you created a configuration file (.zeplin/components.json) following Connected Components documentation and run the connect command:

    zeplin connect [options]
    Options Description Default
    -f, --file Path to components configuration file .zeplin/components.json
    -d, --dev Activate development mode false
    --no-watch Disable watching file changes on development mode false
    -p, --plugin npm package name of a Zeplin CLI connect plugin
    -h, --help Output usage information
    --verbose Enable verbose logs


    Zeplin CLI commands are extensible using plugins. See to build your own plugin.

    Connected Components

    connect command uses plugins to analyze component source code. Plugins generate component descriptions, code snippets and links for each component.

    Available plugins

    npm package name Description
    @zeplin/cli-connect-react-plugin Generates snippets from React components
    @zeplin/cli-connect-angular-plugin Generate snippets from Angular components
    @zeplin/cli-connect-swift-plugin Generates snippets from iOS, macOS views in Swift
    @zeplin/cli-connect-storybook-plugin Generates Storybook links of components


    Install a connect plugin using npm.

    npm install -g @zeplin/cli-connect-react-plugin

    Execute connect command using the plugin.

    zeplin connect -p @zeplin/cli-connect-react-plugin

    You can also provide a list of plugins via the plugins parameter of the components configuration file, where it's possible to pass custom parameters to plugins.

    Usage with access token

    Zeplin CLI can authenticate using an access token instead of your Zeplin credentials which makes it easier to integrate it into your CI workflow.

    1. Get a CLI access token from your Profile in Zeplin.
    2. Set ZEPLIN_ACCESS_TOKEN environment variable in your CI.

    Contributing and Issue Tracking

    See for details.




    npm i @zeplin/cli

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