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The Theming package includes several utility components relating to theming and RTL capabilities in the Garden Design System.


npm install @zendeskgarden/react-theming

# Peer Dependencies - Also Required
npm install react react-dom styled-components


The ThemeProvider component can be used to apply granular theming to Garden (and custom) components. It is intended to be used at the root of an application to provide a global context for RTL. ThemeProvider components can be nested for areas that require additional, custom theming.


Garden provides several levels of customization, listed here from simple to complex, depending on your needs:

  • Via the theme prop passed to ThemeProvider. Garden gives you access to many of the font, pixel, and color values used to style individual components. By modifying the theme you have the ability to customize whole aspects of the design system with minimal effort. Example: use theme to customize component primary accents with your brand color.
  • Via the theme.components object within the theme prop. Using COMPONENT_ID keys, you can target precise CSS properties for customization. Example: use theme.components to override the 20px bottom margin of tabs.tablist.
  • Via Garden's react-containers (outside the scope of this component). At some point, the flexibility provided by theme and theme.components has diminishing returns. If you find yourself fully re-skinning a component, then you should check out Garden's container abstractions. Example: retain the accessible keyboard behavior and RTL layout of Garden's tabs component with an alternate visual design (i.e. closer to the look of browser tabs).


import { ThemeProvider, DEFAULT_THEME } from '@zendeskgarden/react-theming';
import { Notification } from '@zendeskgarden/react-notifications';

<ThemeProvider theme={{ ...DEFAULT_THEME, rtl: true }}>
  <Notification>This notification content will render with RTL layout.</Notification>

The withTheme HOC utility allows any component to interact with its ThemeProvider.

import { withTheme } from '@zendeskgarden/react-theming';

const Div = ({ theme, children }) => (
  <div style={{ direction: theme.rtl ? 'rtl' : 'ltr' }}>{children}</div>

const LocalizedComponent = withTheme(Div);

<ThemeProvider theme={{ ...DEFAULT_THEME, rtl: true }}>
  <LocalizedComponent>RTL localizable</LocalizedComponent>

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