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Deploy Angular applications to Now

Quick start

  1. Install the latest version of Angular cli

    yarn global add @angular/cli
  2. Create a new Angular project

    ng new hello-world --defaults
    cd hello-world
  3. Add ng-deploy to your project

    ng add @zeit/ng-deploy
  4. You will be prompt to log in to Now account

  5. Deploy your project to Now

    ng run hello-world:deploy

After deploying your application you will see output similar to the following:

Your application is deployed at https://hello-world-1234.now.sh


You can adjust your deployment with options.

The available options are:

  • --configuration (-c) - A named build target, as specified in the "configurations" section of angular.json
  • --scope (-s) - Scope user or team under which the project will be deployed
  • --force (-f) - Force a new deployment even if nothing has changed
  • --target (-t) - Deploy to either 'staging' or 'production' aliases
  • --no-build - Skip build process during deployment


ng deploy --scope zeit


If you want to try the latest package locally without installing it from npm, use the following instructions. This may be useful when you want to try the latest non published version of this library or you want to make a contribution.

yarn link

Use the following instructions to make ng-deploy-now available locally via yarn link.

  1. Clone the project

    git clone https://github.com/zeit/ng-deploy-now
    cd ng-deploy-now
  2. Install the dependencies

    yarn install
  3. Build the project:

    yarn run build
  4. Create a local yarn link:

    yarn link

Adding to an Angular project - ng add

Once you have completed the previous steps to yarn link the local copy of ng-deploy-now, follow these steps to use it in a local angular project.

  1. Enter the project's directory

    cd your-angular-project
  2. To add the local version of @zeit/ng-deploy, link @zeit/ng-deploy.

    yarn link @zeit/ng-deploy
  3. You may be prompted you to sign in to Now.

  4. Then, instead of running ng add @zeit/ng-deploy, add the local version.

    ng add @zeit/ng-deploy
  5. Now you can deploy your angular app to Now.

    ng run your-angular-project:deploy

You can remove the link later by running yarn unlink




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