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Zebec Bridge SDK

This is the sdk for zebec bridge contracts which lets use bridge your transactions from multiple chains to solana via wormhole to utilize the features of Zebec Streaming and Zebec Multisig Streaming protocol in solana.

This sdk is built on top of wormhole-sdk package and requires you to install it to utilize this sdk. Since Zebec Protocol utilizes the solana's fast transaction processing ability for its streaming services, despite of the transaction payload being originated from x-chain bridges supports or will be supporting in future, the target of the payload for execution will always be in Solana.

Folders/Files Description
evm Contains evm contract and client factory classes needed to interact with Zebec Evm bridge contract
solana Contains solana contract factory and client classes to interact with Zebec Solana bridge contract
portalTransfer Contains all the functions for operation of token transfer from EVM chains to Solana and vice versa
utils Contains all the necessary constants, and other utility functions.
parser Contains necessary methods and types for parsing wormhole vaa payloads.


Go to Bridge Sdk Docs for documentation


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yarn install
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npm install

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yarn format
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npm run format

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yarn build
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npm run build

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For test rename the .env.example to .env and provide value for environment variables

yarn test
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npm run test

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yarn test:single <file path>
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npm run test:single <file path>

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yarn commit
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npm run commit

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yarn document
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npm run document


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