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Zappar for React-Three-Fiber

Webpack Bootstrap Project

In this project you'll find an Node.js project that gets you up and running with Zappar for React-Three-Fiber.

Head to the NPM package page for more information on how to build best-in-class AR experiences: Zappar for React-Three-Fiber (@zappar/zappar-react-three-fiber)


Scan the QR code below using your native camera app or QR code reader to view the example: ​ Preview QR Code"

The project has been set up to use webpack for bundling assets and code. To get started, install the project's dependencies by running the following command:

npm install

During development, you can use the following command to run a webpack server for testing on your computer or a device on your local network:

npm run start

And when you're ready to publish your site, run the following command. The resulting dist folder can be uploaded to ZapWorks for publishing. If you'd like to self-host your site, be sure to check out the documentation on the Zappar for React Three Fiber page.

npm run build

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npm i @zappar/cra-template-r3f-face-tracking-typescript

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