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Some useful extensions for working with binary streams. Conforms to the Web Streams API.

Find an implementation

If all of ReadableStream, WritableStream and TransformStream fields are available on globalThis, they will be used. Otherwise, the web-streams-polyfill package will be used.

Google Chrome 89 and Mozilla Firefox 102 provide full support for Web Streams API natively.

In Node.js, it's not possible to load the stream/web module while keeping the compatibility with both Web and bundlers:

  • Webpack has poor support with Top Level Await, for example, Hot Module Replacement doesn't work when any module is using TLA.
  • Web doesn't have the module module, thus requires a shim in import map.

Assigning ReadableStream, WritableStream and TransformStream from stream/web module to globalThis, before loading this library, will still work. Other custom polyfill can also be loaded this way.

Compatibility issue with ReadableStream#pipeTo and ReadableStream#pipeThrough

The Web Streams API spec specifies that ReadableStream#pipeTo must check the argument to be an instance of WritableStream, so it can optimize the performance by calling internal methods directly.

Native implementations will perform this check, so new globalThis.ReadableStream().pipeTo(new Polyfill.WritableStream()) will throw an error.

The WrapReadableStream class can be used to bypass this check:

import { WrapReadableStream } from "@yume-chan/stream-extra";
import { WritableStream as PolyfillWritableStream } from "web-streams-polyfill";

const nativeReadable = new globalThis.ReadableStream();
const wrappedReadable = new WrapReadableStream(new globalThis.ReadableStream());

nativeReadable.pipeTo(new PolyfillWritableStream()); // Error
wrappedReadable.pipeTo(new PolyfillWritableStream()); // OK

web-streams-polyfill package's ReadableStream#pipeTo only uses public methods, so it can be used with any WritableStream implementation.


Allowing reading specified amount of data by buffering incoming data.

It's not a Web Streams API ReadableStream, because ReadableStream doesn't allow hinting the desired read size (except using BYOB readable, but causes extra allocations for small reads).



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