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A small Node.js module that attempts to ping a domain.

It does the following:

  • Fetches the domain's IP address from the DNS records
  • Checks if the server is responding to ping requests for that IP address
  • Checks if the server is responding to HTTP requests for that domain

When done, it returns an object with the gathered data (check Usage below).


I'll be implementing changes as quickly as possible, if you have a bug report or feature request, please read the Feedback section.

Please take note that this is still a beta module.

I'll ensure that patch (0.0.x) updates won't break your code, but major (x.0.0) and minor (0.x.0) ones might.

Always check this README file before upgrading to the latest version.



To install the package, run this inside your project's folder.

$ npm install domain-ping --save


The module exports a Promise that must be handled on your side.

const domainPing = require("domain-ping");

domainPing('github.com') // Insert the domain you want to ping
    .then((res) => {
        console.log(res); // Replace with your code
    .catch((error) => {

This example should output an object like this:

{ domain: 'github.com',
  ip: '',
  ping: true,
  online: true,
  statusCode: 200,
  success: true }


  • domain is the domain you requested
  • ip is the IP address the domain should be pointing to, as defined in the DNS server by an A record
  • ping is true if the server is responding to ping requests, false otherwise (false does not mean it's down, ICMP could be blocked on the server's firewall)
  • online is true if the server is responding to HTTP requests for the chosen domain, with status code = 200, false otherwise
  • statusCode is the actual status code replied by the server in the HTTP request (200, 404, 503, etc)
  • success is true if the entire process executed correctly, false otherwise (check Errors below)


In case of error, the output should look like this:

{ domain: 'githubabc.com',
  success: false,
  error: 'getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND githubabc.com' }


  • error is the actual message generated by the original error when it occurred, in the example above the domain githubabc.com doesn't appear to have an A record on the DNS server


All bug reports and feature requests are welcome, and should be submitted through one of the following channels:

All requests will be created as Github issues, if you don't use that channel.


MIT © Ricardo Nunes

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