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A Packeage with common funcitons and helpers to use with @youspace packages

ys-service command line

Command-line helpers, used to run mocha and eslint more easy without need to intall directly the packages, all options mocha and lint works with the packages.

    ys-service test [mochaOptions] [file(s) path]
    ys-service lint [eslintOptions] [file(s) path]


Use the tsconfig.common of the package with the default options

    "extends": "@youspace/common/tsconfig.common.json",
    "compilerOptions": {
        "moduleResolution": "node"


This Class is used to handle all logs of @youspace packages, this will make more easy to add new features like logs in .txt or change the format of the logs in the future.

import { ysLogger } from "@youspace/common";
// normal info log
ysLogger.info("Log something");
// logs in debug level
ysLogger.debug("Log just in debug", "youspace:common");


This class is for the handle the errors of @youspace packages, like the ysLogger is made to to make easy to add new features in the future or change the format of messages.

import { ysError } from "@youspace/common";
const error = new ysError("Some Error message");
throw error;

About eslint.common.js

For now i will use this method insted of create a @youspace/eslint-config, because if I do that eslint eslint will require the instalations of plugins of @typescpt-eslint, this is something i wanna avoid in main project to be more clean.

But i see some issues in eslint rfs repository and they have some good ideas to resolve this problem if they are accepted, so for now I will wait for this features.


npm i @youspace/common

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