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Flexible automation of some common AWS tasks. Hopes to make CloudFormation a bit less painful for humans.

Who should use this?

Nobody, really. It's still barely half-baked. And not properly tested or documented.

What does it do?

Stacks was born out of a need to deploy web apps to AWS.

Project goals:

  • Simple configuration
  • Flexible project structures
  • Flexible naming schemes
  • Repeatable build / deploy / redeploy / teardown
  • Support for multiple environments (dev/test/prod)
  • Cross-stack references across environments
  • Built on CloudFormation (hence "Stacks")
  • Provide sensible default configs where possible

Target capabilities:

  • S3

    • create / delete buckets
    • upload / sync files
    • configure basic web hosting
  • Lambda

    • configure S3 bucket to store code (easy multi-environment support)
    • configure groups of functions together
    • sensible defaults for logging, etc.
    • shareable api gateway configs
    • repeatable create / deploy / redeploy / teardown
  • DynamoDB

    • Still mostly pass-through to CloudFormation

Things to consider:

  • Would AWS SAM be helpful?
  • Could there be more cooperation between configs and templates?
  • Should the env concept be part of more default values?


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