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React Native compatible RSS parser

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Parse RSS data into a simple object structure. Currently supports;

  • RSS 2.0 specification
  • Atom 1.0 specification
  • Itunes elements for both RSS 2.0 and Atom 1.0 feeds


npm install react-native-rss-parser --save

Usage example

import * as rssParser from 'react-native-rss-parser';

return fetch('http://www.nasa.gov/rss/dyn/breaking_news.rss')
  .then((response) => response.text())
  .then((responseData) => rssParser.parse(responseData))
  .then((rss) => {

Parsed model

  type: undefined,            // either `rss-v2` or `atom-v1`
  title: undefined,           // title of the channel
  links: [{
    url: undefined,           // url of the channel
    rel: undefined            // type of url (eg. alternate)
  description: undefined,     // description of the channel
  language: undefined,        // language of the channel in `en-us`
  copyright: undefined,       // copyright information about the channel
  authors: [{
    name: undefined           // channel author names
  lastUpdated: undefined,     // last updated date for the channel
  lastPublished: undefined,   // last published date for the channel
  categories: [{
    name: undefined           // categories the channel belong too
  image: {
    url: undefined,           // channel image url
    title: undefined,         // channel image title
    description: undefined,   // channel image description
    width: undefined,         // channel image width (pixels)
    height: undefined         // channel image height (pixels)
  itunes: {                   // itunes specific channel information
    author: [{
      name: undefined         // channel author names
    block: undefined,         // if `yes` then the entire podcast isn't shown in iTunes directory
    categories: [{
      name: undefined,        // channel category names
        name: undefined       // sub category names
    image: undefined,         // channel image url
    explicit: undefined,      // `yes`/`no` to indicate if channel contains explicit content
    complete: undefined,      // `yes` indicates the feed won't publish any new items in the future
    newFeedUrl: undefined,    // a url pointing to the new feed location
    owner: {
      name: undefined,        // owner name of the channel
      email: undefined,       // owner email address of the channel
    subtitle: undefined,      // sub title of the channel
    summary: undefined,       // summary of the channel
  items: [{                   // list of items in the feed
    id: undefined,            // item id
    title: undefined,         // item title
    imageUrl: undefined,      // item image url
    links: [{
      url: undefined,         // item link url
      rel: undefined          // type of item link
    description: undefined,   // item description
    content: undefined,       // item HTML content
    categories: [{
      name: undefined         // categories the item belongs too
    authors: [{
      name: undefined         // item author names
    published: undefined,     // item published date
    enclosures: [{
      url: undefined,         // item media url
      length: undefined,      // item media length (bytes)
      mimeType: undefined     // item media mime type (eg audio/mpeg)
    itunes: {                 // itunes specific item information
      authors: [{
        name: undefined,      // item author names
      block: undefined,       // `yes` indicates the item won't be displayed in the iTunes directory
      duration: undefined,    // HH:MM:SS length of the item
      explicit: undefined,    // `yes`/`no` to indicate if item contains explicit content
      image: undefined,       // image url for the item
      isClosedCaptioned: undefined, // `yes` indicates if the item contains closed captioning
      order: undefined,       // item order number
      subtitle: undefined,    // item subtitle
      summary: undefined,     // item summary

Model mappings

Top Level elements

Parsed Value RSS v2.0 Atom v1.0
title title title
links link link
description description subtitle
language language
copyright copyright rights
authors managingEditor author
published pubDate published
updated lastBuildDate updated
categories category category
image image logo
items item entry

Item / Entry Level elements

Parsed Value RSS v2.0 Atom v1.0
id guid id
title title title
imageUrl icon
links link link
description description summary
content content:encoded content
categories category / dc:subject category
authors author / dc:creator contributor
published pubDate / dc:date published
enclosures enclosures link

Development setup

Clone this project from GitHub

npm install
npm test

Bugs / feature requests

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please create an issue in GitHub.


  1. Fork it (https://github.com/jameslawler/react-native-rss-parser)
  2. Create your feature branch (git checkout -b feature/fooBar)
  3. Commit your changes (git commit -am 'Add some fooBar')
  4. Push to the branch (git push origin feature/fooBar)
  5. Create a new Pull Request


Distributed under the MIT license. See LICENSE for more information.



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