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ansible-language-server extension for coc.nvim




:CocInstall @yaegassy/coc-ansible

scoped packages


Plug 'yaegassy/coc-ansible', {'do': 'yarn install --frozen-lockfile'}


[!! Very important !!] Filetype related

  1. The "filetype" must be yaml.ansible for this extension to work.

    If you install ansible's vim plugin, yaml.ansible filetype will be added automatically, which is very useful (e.g. pearofducks/ansible-vim or sheerun/vim-polyglot).

  2. You also need to set g:coc_filetype_map in .vimrc/init.vim.

    let g:coc_filetype_map = {
      \ 'yaml.ansible': 'ansible',
      \ }

Requirements (Tools)

  • Ansible 2.9+
  • Ansible Lint (required, unless you disable linter support)
    • [TIPS] coc-ansible will automatically disable the feature if ansible-lint is not found
  • yamllint (optional)

If you also install yamllint, ansible-lint will detect it and incorporate into the linting process. Any findings reported by yamllint will be exposed in coc.nvim as errors/warnings.

Bult-in install

coc-ansible allows you to create an extension-only "venv" and install ansible, ansible-lint and yamllint.

yamllint will be installed by setting ansible.builtin.isWithYamllint to true (default: false).

You can also specify the version of each tool. (setting: ansible.bultin.ansibleVersion, ansible.bultin.ansibleLintVersion, ansible.bultin.yamllintVersion)

The first time you use coc-ansible, if ansible, ansible-lint is not detected, you will be prompted to do a built-in installation.

You can also run the installation command manually.

:CocCommand ansible.builtin.installRequirementsTools

Configuration options

  • ansible.enable: Enable coc-ansible extension, default: true
  • ansible.disableProgressNotifications: Disable progress notifications from ansible-language-server, default: false
  • ansible.builtin.isWithYamllint: Whether to install yamllint the built-in installer, default: false
  • ansible.builtin.ansibleVersion: Version of ansible for built-in install, default: ""
  • ansible.builtin.ansibleLintVersion: Version of ansible-lint for built-in install, default: ""
  • ansible.builtin.force: Whether to force builtin tools instead those in the PATH, default: false
  • ansible.builtin.yamllintVersion: Version of yamllint for built-in install, default: ""
  • ansible.ansible.useFullyQualifiedCollectionNames: Always use fully qualified collection names (FQCN) when inserting a module name. Disabling it will only use FQCNs when necessary, default: true
  • ansible.python.interpreterPath: Path to the python/python3 executable. This settings may be used to make the extension work with ansible and ansible-lint installations in a python virtual environment, default: ""
  • ansible.validation.enabled: Toggle validation provider. If enabled and ansible-lint is disabled, validation falls back to ansible-playbook --syntax-check, default: true
  • ansible.validation.lint.enabled: Toggle usage of ansible-lint, default: true
  • ansible.validation.lint.arguments: Optional command line arguments to be appended to ansible-lint invocation, default ""
  • ansible.completion.provideRedirectModules: Toggle redirected module provider when completing modules, default: true
  • ansible.completion.provideModuleOptionAliases: Toggle alias provider when completing module options, default: true
  • ansible.ansibleDoc.path: Path to the ansible-doc executable, default: ansible-doc
  • ansible.ansibleDoc.enableSplitRight: Use vertical belowright for ansible-doc terminal window, default: true
  • ansible.ansibleNavigator.path: Points to the ansible-navigator executable, default: "ansible-navigator"
  • ansible.dev.serverPath: Absolute path to ansible language server module. If it is not set, use the extention's server module. (For develop and check), default: ""
  • ansibleServer.trace.server: Traces the communication between coc.nvim and the ansible language server, default: "off"


Command List:

:CocCommand [CommandName]

e.g. :CocCommand ansible.server.restart

  • ansible.builtin.installRequirementsTools: Install ansible, ansible-lint and yamllint (optional) with extension's venv
    • It will be installed in this path:
      • Mac/Linux:
        • ~/.config/coc/extensions/@yaegassy/coc-ansible-data/ansible/venv/bin/ansible
        • ~/.config/coc/extensions/@yaegassy/coc-ansible-data/ansible/venv/bin/ansible-lint
        • ~/.config/coc/extensions/@yaegassy/coc-ansible-data/ansible/venv/bin/yamllint
      • Windows:
        • ~/AppData/Local/coc/extensions/@yaegassy/coc-ansible-data/ansible/venv/Scripts/ansible.exe
        • ~/AppData/Local/coc/extensions/@yaegassy/coc-ansible-data/ansible/venv/Scripts/ansible-lint.exe
        • ~/AppData/Local/coc/extensions/@yaegassy/coc-ansible-data/ansible/venv/Scripts/yamllint.exe
    • [Note] ansible is a very large tool and will take some time to install
  • ansible.server.restart: Restart ansible language server
  • ansible.server.showMetaData: Show ansible-metadata for ansible language server | DEMO
  • ansible.server.resyncAnsibleInventory: Resync Ansible Inventory | DEMO
  • ansible.ansbileDoc.showInfo: Run the ansible-doc command in a terminal window with various options to display information about the plugins | DEMO
  • ansible.ansbileDoc.showSnippets: Run the ansible-doc command in a terminal window with various options to display a snippets of the plugins | DEMO

Example of command key mapping:

" Quickly view a list of all coc.nvim commands
nnoremap <silent> <C-p> :<C-u>CocCommand<CR>

Code Actions

Example key mapping (Code Action related):

nmap <silent> ga <Plug>(coc-codeaction-line)


In the line with diagnostic message, enter the mapped key (e.g. ga) and you will see a list of code actions that can be performed.


  • Ignoring rules for current line (# noqa [ruleId]) | DEMO
    • Requires ansible-lint "v6.8.1" or later.
  • Show web documentation for [ruleId] | DEMO
    • Requires ansible-lint "v6.8.1" or later.




This extension is built with create-coc-extension

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