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    ansible-language-server extension for coc.nvim




    :CocInstall @yaegassy/coc-ansible

    scoped packages


    Plug 'yaegassy/coc-ansible', {'do': 'yarn install --frozen-lockfile'}


    Filetype related

    The "filetype" must be yaml.ansible for this extension to work.

    If you install ansible's vim plugin, yaml.ansible filetype will be added automatically, which is very useful (e.g. pearofducks/ansible-vim or sheerun/vim-polyglot).

    Requirements (Tools)

    • Ansible 2.9+
    • Ansible Lint (required, unless you disable linter support)
      • [TIPS] coc-ansible will automatically disable the feature if ansible-lint is not found
    • yamllint (optional)

    If you also install yamllint, ansible-lint will detect it and incorporate into the linting process. Any findings reported by yamllint will be exposed in coc.nvim as errors/warnings.

    Bult-in install

    coc-ansible allows you to create an extension-only "venv" and install ansible, ansible-lint and yamllint.

    yamllint will be installed by setting ansible.builtin.isWithYamllint to true (default: false).

    You can also specify the version of each tool. (setting: ansible.bultin.ansibleVersion, ansible.bultin.ansibleLintVersion, ansible.bultin.yamllintVersion)

    The first time you use coc-ansible, if ansible, ansible-lint is not detected, you will be prompted to do a built-in installation.

    You can also run the installation command manually.

    :CocComannd ansible.builtin.installRequirementsTools

    Configuration options

    • ansible.enable: Enable coc-ansible extension, default: true
    • ansible.builtin.isWithYamllint: Whether to install yamllint the built-in installer, default: false
    • ansible.builtin.ansibleVersion: Version of ansible for built-in install, default: ""
    • ansible.builtin.ansibleLintVersion: Version of ansible-lint for built-in install, default: ""
    • ansible.builtin.yamllintVersion: Version of yamllint for built-in install, default: ""
    • ansible.ansible.useFullyQualifiedCollectionNames: Always use fully qualified collection names (FQCN) when inserting a module name. Disabling it will only use FQCNs when necessary, default: true
    • ansible.ansibleLint.arguments: Command line arguments to be passed to ansible-lint, default: ""
    • ansible.ansibleLint.enabled: Enable linting with ansible-lint on document open/save, default: true
    • ansible.python.interpreterPath: Path to the Python interpreter executable. Particularly important if you are using a Python virtual environment. Leave blank to use Python from PATH. In coc-ansible, the default value is blank, default: ""
    • ansible.ansibleNavigator.path: Points to the ansible-navigator executable, default: "ansible-navigator"
    • ansible.dev.serverPath: Absolute path to ansible language server module. If it is not set, use the extention's server module. (For develop and check), default: ""
    • ansibleServer.trace.server: Traces the communication between coc.nvim and the ansible language server, default: "off"


    • ansible.builtin.installRequirementsTools: Install ansible, ansible-lint and yamllint (optional) with extension's venv
      • It will be installed in this path:
        • Mac/Linux:
          • ~/.config/coc/extensions/@yaegassy/coc-ansible-data/ansible/venv/bin/ansible
          • ~/.config/coc/extensions/@yaegassy/coc-ansible-data/ansible/venv/bin/ansible-lint
          • ~/.config/coc/extensions/@yaegassy/coc-ansible-data/ansible/venv/bin/yamllint
        • Windows:
          • ~/AppData/Local/coc/extensions/@yaegassy/coc-ansible-data/ansible/venv/Scripts/ansible.exe
          • ~/AppData/Local/coc/extensions/@yaegassy/coc-ansible-data/ansible/venv/Scripts/ansible-lint.exe
          • ~/AppData/Local/coc/extensions/@yaegassy/coc-ansible-data/ansible/venv/Scripts/yamllint.exe
      • [Note] ansible is a very large tool and will take some time to install
    • ansible.server.restart: Restart ansible language server

    Not implementing it!:

    I have not implemented this because I do not think it is desirable to run commands from Vim that may be executed for a long time.

    • [Not implement] ansible.ansible-playbook.run: Run playbook via ansible-playbook
    • [Not implement] ansible.ansible-navigator.run: Run playbook via ansible-navigator run

    Code Actions

    Example key mapping (Code Action related):

    nmap <silent> ga <Plug>(coc-codeaction-line)


    In the line with diagnostic message, enter the mapped key (e.g. ga) and you will see a list of code actions that can be performed.


    • Ignoring rules for current line (# noqa [ruleId]) | DEMO




    This extension is built with create-coc-extension


    npm i @yaegassy/coc-ansible

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