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    "The Swiss Army Knife for dApp Deployment!"

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    Made with ❤️
    by [XYO](

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    Finally, you can deploy dApps in less than 5 seconds flat WITHOUT even lifting a finger... Guaranteed!

    OK, you may have to lift a finger.

    But here's the deal.

    We've gone through the hoops of deploying dApps on the Ethereum Network and have nuked out all of the annoying parts to make dapployment a breeze.

    Pt. I. Let's Get Crack-a-Lackin'

    1. Install from source to get access to the sample projects. Remember, 'YARN ALL THE THINGS' from the main project dir by running this:
    yarn && cd samples/sample-datavault-react/ && yarn && cd ../sample-datavault-solidity && yarn && cd ../..
    1. OR globally install Dapploy using:
    sudo yarn global add tool-dapploy-nodejs
    sudo npm install -g tool-dapploy-nodejs --unsafe-perm=true --allow-root
    1. Run dapploy -h to see the options:
     $> dapploy -h
    Usage: dapploy [options] [command]
      -V, --version                                 output the version number
      -t, --projectDir <dir>                        Truffle Project Directory
      -n, --network [network]                       Deploy to network (default: development)
      -c, --config <config>                         Config file (default: .dapploy)
      -o, --contractOutput <dir>                    Contract Output Directory
      -x, --excludeContracts [Contract1,Contract2]  Exclude contracts from the web3 interface (files are still copied)
      -a, --includeContracts [Contract1,Contract2]  Include contracts from the web3 interface (files are still copied)
      -l, --clean                                   Clean contracts before migrating
      -r, --remoteOnly                              Only copy contracts remote
      -p, --pinToIpfs                               Pin contracts to IPFS for remote 
      -P, --postSaveToIpfs                          Save contracts to IPFS for remoteaccess after migrating
      -k, --bucketName                              Do remote copy of ABI to aws bucket (make sure to setup ~/.aws)
      -y, --copyOnly                                Only do folder copy and S3 copy
      -i, --init                                    Add default config file to current directory
      -h, --help                                    output usage information
      $> dapploy init -h
    Usage: init [options] [dir]
    Configure a new truffle project from scratch
      -g, --configOnly                  Create dapploy config file in current directory
      -s, --specifyContract [contract]  Which type of project to create. Supporting: [ERC20, ERC721] (default: ERC20)
      -h, --help                        output usage information
    1. If you did not add dapploy globally with '-g', Add dapploy alias to run from any project in your bash_profile:
    echo "alias dapploy=\"/<path_to_project>/tool-dapploy-nodejs/dapploy\""| cat >> .bash_profile

    Pt II. This Time, It's Personal

    Feature #1: dapploy init - create a new smart contract project!

    1. Create a new ERC20 project using dapploy:
    dapploy init my-first-coin -s ERC20
    cd my-first-coin
    1. Make sure Ganache is downloaded, installed and open: Download and install Ganache from their site
    • Click the Gear Icon thingy ( ⚙️ ) to open Preferences... Make sure that port is set to 8545.
    1. Dapploy from root directory
    • if you have alias setup for dapploy, just run
    • otherwise run

    Congrats, you just built your first ERC-20 Token! Head on over to Dapper to play with it in a web-ui

    1. Checkout some dapploy samples to get another Dapp built with dapploy that uses IPFS and Dapploy's web3 adapter.
    cd samples/sample-datavault-solidity && dapploy
    cd ../sample-datavault-react && yarn start

    Want to make your ABI public? dapploy to IPFS!

    dapploy -p
     $ Contracts stored to IPFS QmZ2Ezv4nsQ5tqGoHz4pUxa9GW88TWKMSzdxdMfxsHerWT
     $ View contracts at

    Would you like to Dapploy to public testnet or mainnet?

    1. Sign up for Infura

    2. Install MetaMask from their site

    • Sign into Metamask and change Network on Metamask to kovan/ropsten/mainnet
    1. Add your metamask wallet and infura data to env.template file:
    WALLET=// wallet used to deploy contracts
    INFURA_API_KEY=// API key you get from infura
    MNENOMIC=// 12 word pass key from derived from your wallet private key
    1. Move env.template to .env (this file is already in your .gitignore)
    mv env.template .env
    1. Using kovan, run
    dapploy -n kovan


    dapploy -n ropsten

    NOTE You don't need to specify -n network if you change .dapploy configuration file in your project from network=development to network=kovan etc.

    vi .dapploy

    If you are feeling adventurous run a local testnet node:

    Ropsten testnet node setup (Geth)

    Kovan testnet node setup (Parity)

    Want your dApp to support multiple browsers?

    1. Setup account with

    2. Add Portis and Infura key to .dapploy

    vi .dapploy


    # [Portis]
    # portisApiKey=<API_KEY>
    # infuraApiKey=<INFURA_API_KEY>

    Want to use S3 to host your ABI?

    1. Confugure your AWS credentials in terminal by creating credentials file. S3 credential instructions here:
      vi ~/.aws/credentials
      aws_access_key_id = AKIAIFYQ4UEUUJ6GDH6A
      aws_secret_access_key = FAKEasdfas=aqewrasdfa/sdfasdfasdfasdfFAKE
    1. Configure dapploy
    vi .dapploy



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    Made with ❤️ by XYO




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